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Thread: How do I use the classifieds system to buy and sell items?

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    Question How do I use the classifieds system to buy and sell items?

    We understand you may be impatient to get on with placing your advertisement, but we would ask that you please read this post carefully, in order to avoid any confusion as to how to use our classified ads system.

    For a several years now, we have operated a software product for our formal Quartermaster Stores classifieds area called PhotoPost Classifieds. To be honest, it never integrated well with the main vBulletin site that operates Milsurps.Com, plus it lacked any ability to protect sellers and buyers from fraudulent transactions. On-line selling firearms over the Internet has become more of a risk in the last few years, with warnings such as the one in the pic being published by the RCMP here in Canada.

    (Click PIC to Enlarge)

    Regardless of which country you live in, we wanted to offer a safer environment for our members to be able to buy and sell within their own country's borders, but also where permitted, to be able transact with members from other countries across the world on our site. So, upon some investigation and lots of testing over the last several months, we are pleased to introduce a brand new 3rd party Quartermaster Stores classifieds environment, provided by a company called Panjo. This new environment is designed to completely replace the traditional WTS (Want to Sell) forum based classifieds and eventually, once the software development evolves to handle it, we'll use the same platform for the WTB/WTT (Want to Buy or Trade) forum.

    The Panjo partnership offers a variety of enhancements, that benefit our members as buyers and sellers alike, including the use of PayPal to accept payment for sales of items not prohibited by their service. Make sure if you use PayPal to accept payment, you do so carefully and for permitted items only.

    PayPal prohibits all account holders from buying or selling any type of firearm and certain firearm parts and ammunition.

    Firearms – Include all rifles, shotguns, and handguns, whether they are intended for use in sporting, as collectibles, or as curio and relic firearms. These items are prohibited regardless of their present working order.

    Firearm parts - Include, but are not limited to, receivers and frames, silencers, kits designed to convert a firearm to automatic firing capability, high capacity magazines, multi-burst trigger activators, and camouflaging firearm containers.

    Ammunition - Includes ammunition with propellant, such as gunpowder or blank ammunition. Ammunition is defined as ammunition or cartridge cases, primers, bullets, or propellant powder designed for any firearm.
    Important: If you are selling an item that falls into one of the PayPal categories mentioned above, please ensure you collect payment DIRECTLY from your buyer through another method other than PayPal. Also, please ensure your buyer does not use the PayPal service to purchase any PayPal prohibited items, but rather contacts you directly to arrange payment for the item, plus any shipping charges. Refer to the pic below.

    If you are selling an item that DOES NOT fall into one of the PayPal categories mentioned above, then please feel free to use PayPal as a method of accepting payment.

    Milsurps partnered with Panjo for these enhancements to our traditional Quartermaster Stores. We have been working with them to meet our requirements. In the coming weeks and months you will see continued improvements and enhancements to the marketplace. Panjo helps enthusiasts buy and sell more efficiently, effectively, and securely. Panjo is an expert in enthusiast transactions and understands how to support and facilitate them, even in the case of disputes. Furthermore, Panjo is keen on helping protect buyers and sellers from the fraud that can strike enthusiast marketplaces.

    The Panjo service is new, and the team is very responsive. Please report any problems, suggestions, or general feedback to Panjo's customer support via email to If you need to talk "live" to someone, call them seven days a week at 1-424-272-0291.

    Besides offering a safer and more secure buying and selling environment, our new Quartermaster Stores creates a structured approach for all ads and permits sorting by various parameters such as item manufacturer, mandatory fields indicating item location so potential buyers can check on how far a seller lives from them, plus a separate private messaging system which advises sellers when someone shows interest in their items.

    The overall classifieds approach to selling and buying on Milsurps.Com is handled in two distinct ways.

    If you are looking to place an ad looking to buy or trade a specific type of item, then please go to the regular forum based WTB/WTT (Want to Buy or Trade) Forum and read the **** PLEASE READ FIRST ! **** instructions.

    If you want to sell an item, please choose any of the following steps to get to our Quartermaster Stores Classifieds Area

    Click on the banner at the top of there forum home page:

    .. or, click on the Quartermaster Stores (Secure Buying & Selling) link when viewing the Guns, Parts and Accessories Quick Shopper area.

    .. or look at the top navigation bar for the site, where you'll see a drop down box button titled Classifieds, from which you can click on and select the Quartermaster Stores (Classifieds Ads Area).

    Once you do that, you'll be seeing all current advertisements by members, listed in order from the newest to the oldest. You can change the way you view ads, by selecting between a Tile View, or a List View.

    To view an ad that interests you, simply click on it. Once viewing the complete ad, you can contact the seller using the built-in Send Message function at the very bottom of the ad. (see pic below). There will also be a Buy Now which immediately contacts the seller indicating you wish to obtain this item, or perhaps be first in line to negotiate, assuming the seller has given a buyer that option within the ad itself.

    The way to contact a member is through the formal built-in Send Message function as shown in the pic above, accessed from within the formal Quartermaster Stores listing. Of course, you could use our regular web site's private messaging function, but the most secure and efficient method is to use the capabilities of our Quartermaster Stores separate messaging system, which includes complete audit trails for yours and the buyer's protection.

    To place an ad yourself, look in the top right corner of the Quartermaster Stores area, where you'll see an additional blue coloured button, titled Sell an Item (see pic below).

    Note: The very first time you enter the marketplace and select Sell an Item , you'll be required to "join" it, simply by submitting a request to do so. You will be prompted for a valid email address to ensure proper communications between buyers and sellers. This ONLY happens once and after that, you are a permanent member of the Quartermaster Stores, under your currently registered username on our site.

    (Click PIC to Enlarge)

    Complete your ad by filling in the various mandatory and optional fields requested, plus upload any pics of your item you wish. From experience, ads that provide the best and most accurate descriptions of items, plus include several photos, are the ones which have the quickest and best results for sellers.

    If you have any problems placing your ad, or need help in uploading photos, please contact Panjo's customer support via email to If you need to talk "live" to someone, call them seven days a week at 1-424-272-0291.

    Some tips ..... Before buying or selling an item, or to help with valuations, you might want to check postings in our Appraisals, Fakery, Dispute Resolution & Mediation Forum (click here). If you feel you've been wronged as the consequence of doing a deal with another member, either here or on another Internet forum, then you may open a public line of communication with them using our Member Disputes Forum (click here), in order to attempt to resolve the matter. It's specifically designed for dispute resolution between members on deals gone bad. The main Appraisals, Fakery, Dispute Resolution & Mediation Forum should not be used for that purpose.


    All ads posted in the Quartermaster Stores or Guns, Parts and Accessories Quick Shopper forums on Milsurps.Com are published in good faith without verification. Milsurps.Com reserves the right to remove, classify, revise or censor any ads for any reason, at its sole discretion.

    On-line classifieds posted in the Quartermaster Stores or Guns, Parts and Accessories Quick Shopper forums on Milsurps.Com or Gun Quick Shopper does not imply under any circumstances that we accept responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of any ads, nor is any kind of warranty provided, whether express or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of any third party's rights of any kind.

    Milsurps.Com specifically disclaims all and any liability to sellers and buyers of any kind for loss or damage of any nature whatsoever and however arising, whether due to inaccuracy, error, omission or any other cause, whether on the part of Milsurps.Com, their moderators or any other person, due to the use of the ads or other information herein. Without any recourse being available whatsoever to any sellers and buyers in this event.

    All users are advised to check ad and message details carefully before entering into any agreement of any kind and before disclosing personal information. If in doubt, please seek legal advice.

    Milsurps.Com reserves the right to insubstantially change ads and messages described therein, as well as this legal disclaimer, at any time. The service may be unavailable from time to time for maintenance or other reasons. Milsurps.Com makes no warranty that the service will meet the user's requirements, that the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error free.

    Buying and selling through the Quartermaster Stores or Guns, Parts and Accessories Quick Shopper forums on Milsurps.Com is available only to members who can form a legally binding contract under applicable law. These two services may be used only for lawful purposes.
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