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  1. FN 1A1 vs. FN L1A1 vs. FN C1A1
  2. Odd FNC1 Body Cover
  3. FN 1A1 vs. FN L1A1 vs. FN C1A1
  4. FN 1A1 vs. FN L1A1 vs. FN C1A1
  5. OK, somebody's got to get ....
  6. Fn 49
  7. L1a1
  8. CSP is seeking advertisers
  9. Pictures
  10. Pictures
  11. Fal Questions
  12. Inch pattern grenade launchers
  13. L1A1 L1A2, L1A3 Bayaonets
  14. Piston question
  15. Speaking of Bayonets....Belgian?
  16. Inch rear sight loose
  17. Drool, slobber, drool --- I want one!
  18. DS Arms Semi-Auto Extended Selector/Safety Switch
  19. Slings
  20. Rock and Roll with an L1A1..............
  21. Falkland Island Imbel vs. L1A1
  22. German G1 FN,s
  23. L1A1 gas regulator setting
  24. Problem with my L1A1
  25. Piston Rod to Bolt Carrier distance
  26. Inch pattern night vision top cover
  27. L1A1 SLR (Aussie FAL) movie coming out...
  28. .22 Cal SMLE, surprise me!
  29. Sight ?
  30. A bit of useless info for L1A1 owners
  31. Sub Calibre adaptors.............
  32. Buttplate on wood stock
  33. Argentine mil surpl 308 ammo
  34. Are the DSA 25 and 30 rd. mags available yet?
  35. Reloads for FAL
  36. OK, OK...it's NOT an FNFAL, but...
  37. Trilux (SUIT) retaining spring wanted
  38. WTK: Black leather FAL mag pouches ???
  39. L1a1 Barrel replacement
  40. i don't know squat about fnfals, except that...
  41. WTK: magazine prices
  42. Investment Cast Receivers?????
  43. ~ Aussie Inch L1A1 w/ Century Receiver ~ I think that I'm Confused?
  44. ~ Boys from the Banana Republic No Doubt Know their FALs
  45. Argentine Marines: Falkland War FN FAL
  46. Compliance Parts
  47. Trilux (SUIT) update
  48. For you L1A1 Anglophiles
  49. Elyott
  50. ~ FAL Know-Nothing Seeks Random Information on Newly Acquired Item
  51. DSA made in USA mags: TILT
  52. Stg Pistol Grip
  53. L1a1
  54. Price for FN dewat please
  55. L2A1 SUIT questions
  56. L1A1 how to tell if it has
  57. Battery for PVS-2
  58. Fundamentals of Small Arms Weapons (WWII U.S. Training Films)
  59. Correct finish for enamel painted FALs?
  60. How do you attach the standard short Belgian flash hider?
  61. Metric and inch compatibility
  62. What a C2 barrel currently worth?
  63. SLR stuff
  64. 7x49mm Liviano
  65. C1 sniper scope mount Wanted
  66. C1A1 dust cover
  67. Beautiful Argentine FAL
  68. L2A2 SUIT question
  69. early manual from FN
  70. FAL Gunsmith in San Antonio, Texas?
  71. Dewat FNC2
  72. British L1A1 snow camo question
  73. L1A1 Stock, Pistol Grip, and Flash Suppressor
  74. Imbel FN
  75. The SLR & the No. 94 grenade
  76. L1a1 Emers
  77. Pics SLR spigot launchers/Energa grenades
  78. un modified SLR bayonets
  79. Looking for a photo
  80. Please, ID the FAL`s sight...
  81. 1982 Pattern C1A1 Sling
  82. Hey Peter
  83. Entreprise stg58C kit build.
  84. switching to para setup, got a few questions
  85. anyone mounted a T1 Aimpoint on a FAL?
  86. FNC1A1 MILES Gear
  87. L12A1 Firing pin?
  88. FN Trials magazine marked X2 E1
  89. X8E1 (BR) DRILL RIFLE (L38A1) a reply to Mr Laidler
  90. I demand equal time,LOL.
  91. Hampton lower?
  92. Bolt Hold Open Spring
  93. Commonwealth Inch, Commonwealth Finish?
  94. A puzzling L1A1 magazine
  95. L1A1 related items
  96. Sub Calibre Kits
  97. Ordnance Gage Id help?
  98. L1A1 topcovers for the SUIT
  99. Did Canada export L1 receivers to the UK?
  100. FN/FAL - L1A1 firing pins
  101. New L1A1 Sporter help CIA or Hesse
  102. L1A1 straight pull
  103. Lower receiver markings on my L1A1
  104. Semiauto SA80...anyone have experience?
  105. owning a fal
  106. DP alert
  107. Harrington & Richardson magazines (FAL) and a question ?
  108. Cdn FN C1 gas regulator
  109. How many FN-49's were mfg.?
  110. My three FALS
  111. L1A1 markings
  112. Hatcher's Notebook
  113. Seasonal Message to FN/FAL Forum Members
  114. What dose a ' L4A1 ' Blank Firing Attachment (BFA) look like?
  115. L1A1 Problem
  116. FN49 conversion...
  117. L1A1 Single Shot "UK" spec?? Any ideas?
  118. C2A1 Clone
  119. Is it me....( brit. Serial numbering)
  120. Parker Hale WE1 3/8" Rail on Aussie L1A1
  121. Can anyone recommend a FAL-competent gunsmith?
  122. Slideshows of 3 Aussie L1A1s and an Indian A1
  123. L1A1 zeroing adjustment, iron sights and SUIT sight?
  124. L2A2 Suit - British or Izzy?
  125. FN FAL ....... serial numbers
  126. Request for information...
  127. Do it NOW, while you can..............
  128. FN FAL composite buttstock......needed
  129. Loose SUIT mount - help needed
  130. New ACR L1A1s - back sight moves on recoil
  131. My black Lady
  132. Questions about the .280 British FAL
  133. Caliber .30 T48
  134. not positive this is kosher , but if you have a FAL you know that the 22cal conv.
  135. my one and only FAL , shes one of my favorites , think ill keep her
  136. L1A1 rifle telescope
  137. Value of Lithgow L1A1 skeleton
  138. Strange Northern Ireland Grenade Launching Device, can you identify it?
  139. L1A1 re loading
  140. L1A1 in the box skeletinised
  141. L1A1 adjustable sight quest
  142. I join the L1A1 Straightpull Club
  143. L12A1 barrel/liner insert - source?
  144. Information please IMBEL R1A1
  145. New Vene and Lux FN 49's
  146. Scoped L1A1 straight pull
  147. How do I remove pistol grip L1A1 to replace with woodedn one.
  148. FAL Hanguard Internals???????
  149. Pawn Shop FN 49?
  150. 90 Lithgow SLRs Up For Tender
  151. Anglo Custom straight pull SLR's
  152. Couple of dust covers and questions...
  153. Fabrique Nationale FAL Rifle (Guns and Ammo Review)
  154. Some Different FNs
  155. Can Anyone Identify These FN Dust Covers?
  156. Egyptian FN 49 Confusion?
  157. Stock
  158. Good to see the FAL being reintroduced to Irish service.
  159. L1A1 straight pull, FAC renewal for the Brits.
  160. FAL Magazine Loader
  161. Extra FN Stocks, bits and pieces...
  162. FN-FAL tool kit ......
  163. Accurizing an L1A1/FAL?
  164. My L1A1, and a dose of irony
  165. Argintine FN49 with canted gas cylinder/front sight...
  166. Safe or Dangerous
  167. The other FALs
  168. FN49 recoil springs
  169. Canadian Manuals on FN C1 Rifles, C1 SMGs, C6, and C9
  170. Future import of Sub calibre kits for UK straight pull owners...
  171. Heavy Barrel FAL Upgrades and range trips
  172. Hopefully simple L2A2 SUIT question
  173. L1A1 Marking ID help please
  174. Custom order C1A1?
  175. OK, not strictly an L1A1 question but...
  176. E-SARCO Adaptor to STANAG Scope
  177. Trilux parts
  178. NEW(S) to me FAL, L1A1 tools...
  179. Lithgow L1A1
  180. Another request for Trilux parts
  181. Argentine FAL Spotting Rifle
  183. My new Straight pull L1A1
  184. FN-FAL book request
  185. FAL ammo test
  186. Unusual Brit L1A1 Plastic
  187. L4A1 mag on the L1A1 Rifle?
  188. Project L1A1 - 2 Years In
  189. L1A1 night vision cover
  190. Canadian C2A1 / C1A1 rear sight value?
  191. FAL Refinsh?
  192. Trying to find an L1A1 part
  193. Questions about my L1A1
  194. Will a folding L1A1 rear sight assembly fit on my metric STG58??
  195. FN in kurz is going to happen
  196. Block for fitting inside FAL magazine - conversion to 10 rounds.
  197. CAI SPORTER could be mine:
  198. L1A1 fitted with a No.32 Scope
  199. PD marked L1A1 part
  200. SUIT on an L1A1 SLR - is it worth it?
  201. Fn 49 find
  202. Newbie Help?
  203. Dismantling an L6A1 BFA
  204. anyone seen these?
  205. British MGs in the Falklands War
  206. my C1A1 build
  207. my Suit experience
  208. Source for L1A1 furniture in the U.K. (or States)?
  209. Pretty basic L1A1 question
  210. Fal blueprints
  211. New bolt for FAL (metric)
  212. T48 double barrel rifle
  213. Israeli heavy barrel
  214. Picture needed of C1A1 cleaning kit
  215. Anyone know where I can find...
  216. L1A1 .22 conversion kit box
  217. Question re C1A1
  218. Question about the Army Arctic Sling
  219. Trilux Fakes
  220. Belgium Contract FN-49
  221. Question for the Armourers
  222. Where did the Canadian L-B's go
  223. LUX FN49 stock question
  224. Never Issued L1A1 Bore sight device.
  225. L1A1 Sight Picture
  226. How to clean wood furniture?
  227. Need some help reassembling my L1A1
  228. Need some help finding a part...
  229. FN fusil mle m1951 army
  230. Was given this box of Ammo
  231. SUIT detaching'shearing from mount!
  232. FN49 Venezuelan Inbound...
  233. When did L1A1 wood get replaced with plastic?
  234. L1A1 Sight
  235. won't cycle
  236. FN-49 8mm
  237. more Op Banner photos
  238. Armscorp t28 Argentine FAL Questions
  239. My SAFN-49 Belgium rifle, show us yours.
  240. Cannot log on to falfiles down?
  241. Slr l1a1 straight pull
  242. Lithgow L1A1 contract question
  243. At long last!... my first L1A1..
  244. Looking For Electronic Copies of Article on the T-48
  245. Newby l1a1 question
  246. Inch pattern L1A1 barrels
  247. pocket scope mount.
  248. top cover for X8E2 "UNIT sight"
  249. Now here's a thing.....
  250. L25A1 (L1A1 instructional action)
  251. Suit mount for the gpmg???
  252. New guy from Michigan, and his FAL
  253. Argentine FAL kit.
  254. FN 49 Front Sight
  255. Gas Plug Cleaner?
  256. British Army 7.62 mm L1A1 Boresighting Device
  257. My L1A1 project question.
  258. Inch pattern mags
  259. FN distruction tests.
  260. Enfield 1983 dated rifle??
  261. Weapon Sight Image Intensified L1 series ?
  262. Hey, Brian.........
  263. R1A1 Barrels
  264. ACDF marked barrel
  265. FN-49 and corrosive ammo
  266. British Wooden Carrying Handle Wanted
  267. My new Lithgow, New Zealand contract L1A1
  268. Century imported surplus L1A1 questions
  269. L1A1 Frame-Body Lock
  270. Current best option for upper receiver for FN FAL kit?
  271. Suit Sight farther than 500 yards question
  272. FN 1949 Questions
  273. Fazakerley made reciever
  274. L1A1 in air defence roll.
  275. Help recognising de activated l1a1
  276. A No74 telescopic sight for the L1A1
  277. help identifying C1A1 scope mounts.
  278. L1A1 bolt markings
  279. R1A1 Break Down During Firing
  280. L1A1 quetsions
  281. slr history
  282. Newly acquired L1A1.
  283. A couple of British L1A1 Rifles
  284. FNs still in action
  285. L2a1 trilux sight pointer
  286. a Califonria type question.
  287. FAL vs L1A1
  288. L1A1 shorter return spring housing ?
  289. Brits and Aussies! (3 of each)
  290. W and F markings on TMH
  291. L1A1 & FN Fal
  292. Numbering of weapons
  293. L1A1 (and others) shoot
  294. L1A1 BFA troubles
  295. First time looking througha n L2a2 SUIT.
  296. Indian parts on a BSA L1A1
  297. FAL & SLR Collection
  298. Arizona Response Systems (ARS) Built "Replica" StG 58.
  299. Beech Aussie Handguards
  300. Parker Hale Barrel/gas block on an ex NZ rifle
  301. Makers mark on TRLIUX SUIT cover/mount?
  302. C1 Leitz scope
  303. feeding issues L1A1
  304. Malay contract L2A1
  305. Civilian special order/private purchase FNC1??
  306. Canadian C1, experimental gas piston system
  307. L1A1 gas block and system
  308. R1 and L1A1 flash hiders interchangeable?
  309. Need info on fn-45
  310. The new .22 conversion kit has landed!
  311. Very early BSA L1A1 lower ..
  312. New Toy
  313. Best place to locate L1A1 magazines??
  314. Experimental 1959 BSA gas block
  315. SLR -Fitted with double aperture rear sight
  316. Rare early (1971) Lithgow full auto L1A1!!
  317. G1 muzzle device
  318. Gauge, inspectors, headspace, 7.62 mm rifle
  319. Electro Pencilled NATO stock number on top cover
  320. 2 SUIT or not 2 SUIT... naaaaa 6 SUITS will do
  321. L86A1 practice rifle grenade
  322. FAL X8E1 X8E2 Rifle Manual
  323. Range issues L1A1
  324. Something for the weekend sir?
  325. L12A1 .22 Kit for the L1A1 rifle
  326. Complete IWS Kit for the L1A1 Rifle (and others)
  327. Pre 1988 ban L1A1 Civilian owned rifles
  328. SUIT L2A2 Focusing?
  329. Anyone Seen These Drawings Before?
  330. 7.62 mm Incremental Headspace Gauges Set.
  331. 1962 BSA L1A1 rebuild
  332. Question for .22 conversion kit owners
  333. Homebuilt 22 FAL
  334. Do my eyes deceive me - The Fal rides again!
  335. Lithgow SAF Wooden L1A1 Rifle Servicing Stand..... looking for one.
  336. A new piece of scrap metal
  337. A little something more for the weekend sir?
  338. The differences between British and Australian L1A1, SLRs.
  339. Well, here's another piece of creative fiction!
  340. NZ contact L2A1
  341. Aussie Junk.
  342. 1960 BSA L1A1 BDL FTR
  343. ANZAC SAS L1A1 recreation..
  344. NZ L2A1
  345. Parker Hale Target sights for FN FAL and SLR
  346. why did they cut the threads
  347. Just A Young Man And His Dad Who Appreciates An SLR
  348. SAS L1A1 (but not really)
  349. My L1A1 has been saved!
  350. FN-49 8mm Egyptian Contract Stock Bedding
  351. How many vent holes is too many vent holes???!
  352. L1A1 Jungle brush foresight cover
  353. Enterprise/Lithgow L1A1
  354. FN Fal
  355. L1A1 pistol grip mod in Aden
  356. Finally, the last piece for my Canadian FN collection
  357. Gas Regulator Question
  358. Meet My Money Pits
  359. Forgot To Include My Other FAL
  360. L1A2 Trilux sight Mounting plate
  361. Fazakerley made reciver
  362. Oil Bottles
  363. Some new things, lets play a guessing game
  364. FAL Flash Hider On Steyr
  365. Suit top cover separation
  366. Does anyone know what an EX1/2 is?
  367. my L1A1
  368. The FN C1 with an optic...
  370. L1A1 Blank Firing Question.
  371. How did the Aussies write the numbers
  372. SP L2A1 "look a like"
  373. L1A1 Barrel profile drawing
  374. DEAC FN G1
  375. Few pics for MrClarke and others...
  376. Wood furniture solid wood and laminated date of use
  377. FNFAL virgin....help me pick the right one for my first time.....
  378. L1A1...what happened to the original receivers?
  379. CAI L1A1....buttstock question
  380. First date...and I broke her.....
  381. My SLR
  382. Second date.....I think we are working things out in this relationship!
  383. can you ID this magazine?
  384. Help Regarding Inspectors Headspace Gauge
  385. Ongoing issues....extraction/ejection?
  386. FN help
  387. L1A1 wood hand guard differences.....
  388. Rank Group NV Sight
  389. Just because ....
  390. And they say humour is dead ....
  391. CAI Receiver Whoas
  392. Hythe rear sight
  393. Need L1A1 inner stock return/ recoil spring
  394. Neutering an L1A1 and a FAL.
  395. Trilux Sight pouches
  396. Austrailian barrels?
  397. RFI SLR mag
  398. Subcontractor for Maranyl SLR furniture?
  399. Falkland Island L1A1's
  400. Days Don't Get Much Better
  401. .22 semi automatic Fal build.
  403. L1A1 long handguard screw
  404. L1A1 and the IWS
  405. NZ Lithgow outing
  406. STG58 - Another Sin...
  407. Australian SLR Cleaning Kit
  408. FN C1 A1 Sniper Scope cover
  409. FN C1A1 rifle (Ex-OPP)
  410. Airforces FN C1A1 pics
  411. Can you look this century FAL R1A1 over for me?
  412. FN-49 Ven Strange Scope Mount
  413. Aussie L1A1 stock marking BP 2
  414. L1A1 VIDEO
  415. Trilux springs
  416. Extractor Tools for the C1 and L1A1 Rifles
  417. Aim Correctors
  418. The Real Aim Correctors
  419. X8E2 Unit Sight Variations?
  420. Early ELCAN experimental model?
  421. What FAL scope mount is this?
  422. Weaponsight Image Intensified L5A1
  423. Australian SLR questions
  424. FN49 Barrel Swap - Complete
  425. Rather rotten L1!
  426. My L1A1
  427. Identify the FN-FAL
  428. English or metric. How to tell?
  429. LUX FN49 Score
  430. Gas block reamer and other SLR tools
  431. 1955-56 trials magazine for T48 HRA rifle
  432. question on #s matching upper and lower
  433. Gentlemen...Luxembourg FN49 & Friends
  434. Argentine FN49 Spring Assembly Needed
  435. Aussie L1A1 wooden pistol grips
  436. Rebuilt British L1A1s--how marked?
  438. Bent Luxemburg FN49 receiver, who can help?
  439. Screw smal butt plate in artic butt
  440. making Egyptian FN49 as slam fire proof as possible.
  441. Here's something you don't see every day
  442. British L1A1 EMER Instruction List