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  1. Pattern 37 Webbing Assembly
  2. Leather sling care?
  3. no.4 era cartridge belts?
  4. Need serious information on Japanese items?
  5. UMO (Unidentified Military Object)
  6. Identifying old cartridge belts
  7. Estate sale find, wondering authenticity and possible value
  8. Just got my MkIII Compass back from Trademark London
  9. Army MP web gear set
  10. Any Uniform Experts? Boer War 1899-1902 Photo (Maybe?)
  11. Ammo belt
  12. What is the 'Vintage Military Gear' Forum?
  13. My medals collection from the Boer War and WW1 ....
  14. A "Saddlers' Federation" Holster Circa 1915
  15. Magazine Pouch Question
  16. Model 1910 shovel covers
  17. Can You identify this canteen?
  18. US Canteen - Vietnam War Era
  19. What is it?
  20. Unidentified Leggings - US?
  21. Lee Enfield sling, M.I.A. manufacture.
  22. Collecting data plates
  23. M1A1 case
  24. 1905 bayonet and scabbard
  25. WWII Hand Grenade Care
  26. Accessories, lets see them!
  27. US gear early WWII
  28. Pre WW2 BAR web belt
  29. WWI 21st Engineer Div M1917 Helmet and tunic
  30. Interesting observation
  31. More unidentified items
  32. New 'Screening Room' Video (Examining the liquid prismatic compass)
  33. Great grouping of Airborne uniforms, gear, etc.
  34. Unusual name tape
  35. some 1942 dated web gear
  36. Cleaning kit identification help??
  37. Info please
  38. Buildup for Invasion
  39. Trying to ID these bags purchased ~1980 ...
  40. U.S. Army Mine Detecting info. needed
  41. Interesting piece of web gear
  42. 1937 Pattern - WWII British Web Gear
  43. M1917A1 Helmet
  44. Great coat or trench coat
  45. Some accessories
  46. Garand Sling?
  47. Canvas Pistol Pouch
  48. Sand bags
  49. 1907 pattern bayonet hooked quillon
  50. THE THINGS SOME PEOPLE DO (Criminal in more way that one)
  51. .60 caliber machine gun round
  52. Unusual cartridge/axe carrier belt and suspenders
  53. Guess the part ?
  54. M1 Helmet Stand
  55. WWII Aussie slouch hat.
  56. Reproduction WWI helmet art.
  57. Late WW2 M1 helmet
  58. Mystery BFA
  59. another helmet
  60. Whats this emblem
  61. My M1C
  62. USMC M1 helmet cover WW2?
  63. M1928 Helmet Advice
  64. Original Korean War USMC M1 helmet cover
  65. Can someone help me value Vietnam Collection
  66. Another US camo helmet cover
  67. Question on two more US camo helmet covers
  68. Ammo Cans
  69. Compasses again
  70. Scout Regiment Scope Sliding Shade Knob.
  71. British helmet questions
  72. What is this WW2 item for? SF Co 6-42?
  73. Great WWII binoculars
  74. USMC M1941 pack(flea market find)
  75. two tone helmet net on M1 helmet
  76. Stewart & Stevenson U.S. M43 Entrenching tool carrier
  77. U.S. M1910 Pick-Mattock
  78. Boot Covers
  79. How to put together 37 pattern webbing?
  80. Wallkie talkie question??
  81. magazine pouches US sun-machine guns
  82. What is this? WW1 or WW2, and what country?
  83. German folding scissors?
  84. Is this m1a1 jump bag real or fake?
  85. Holster ID - Help!
  86. Guess the part
  87. Need help w/age of this Camouflage Navy Seal Team Shirt
  88. Rel telescope, observing, sniper's cmk 1
  89. Late 1950- 60s Jacket and Nav instruments
  90. WW2 Vet passed on grenades and boots to me..
  91. I got the Pecards to recondition my old HSSCo sling, I have a question
  92. ZF-41 scope?
  93. US Army Binoculars with a bonus
  94. M-1 white stripe question
  95. M-1 helmet camo cover
  96. Medals and Book
  97. World War One dog tag
  98. Please ID this solvent/oil can
  99. Refurbing WWII Helmets
  100. East or West German?
  101. M-1938 Wire-Cutters
  102. Web Gear Sets
  103. What to use?
  104. Russian WWII belt?
  105. Hep with bayonet
  106. Surplus Canvas Bag Question
  107. Swedish ammo pouches?
  108. Web sites for military motorcycles in Canada and the USA
  109. British(?) Weapon Cleaning Kit - M617(?)
  110. Greetings from Kentucky!
  111. Are These 4 Jackets WWII?...Flea Market Find...
  112. HELMET and FN 1910
  113. FLAG curiosity??
  114. WWII Relics
  115. Boer War Photo?
  116. Reference Materials
  117. Weapon Sight, Image Intensified, L1 series question
  118. Bugle Horn Stringed Cap Badge
  119. WW2 ammo pouch questions
  120. Canadian Captured Grenatenwerfer Trench Mortar
  121. Early Vietnam M1C Helmet
  122. ammo box
  123. ammo box picture
  124. Some of my gear.......
  125. Where can I buy a pair of vintage Ro-Search boots?
  126. Can Someone Venture A Guess On This Rifle Sling Type ?
  127. WWII mountain pack
  128. Military medal?
  129. Unknown helmet? Help ID, not German, but resembles, Romanian?
  130. Need patch collection identified
  131. U.S. Navy signal lamp?
  132. Nice set of 1945 REL Binos
  133. Jumpbag? Can anyone tell me more about this?
  134. Questions On Two Web Belts
  135. Calgary Highlanders uniform for sale
  136. Walther PP flap holster
  137. Pre-WWI British Uniforms
  138. US Suspenders
  139. Need help identifying a Mills woven cartridge belt
  140. US military web sling?
  141. M3 Holster.....Real or fake?????
  142. german helmet ???
  143. Looking for info on BAR Belt
  144. Importing a helmet from the USA
  145. Sten Magazine Bandeliers
  146. Which 1950s-1960s military aircraft would have had this aboard?
  147. Brush cleaning
  148. Leather Leggings Military?
  149. US Military Shovel
  150. South African bandoleer
  151. US Red Cross arm band
  152. Viet Cong AK-47 magazine pouch
  153. Identifying canvas military bag
  154. Wall display of SSI
  155. British Wooden Ammo Box
  156. Old wooden crates/boxes?
  157. WTK: WWII Nazi German Belt Buckle, Dress Bayonet & Pouches
  158. Brodie style helmet with leather liner? normal?
  159. Help With Identifying a Medal, Just Have a Picture
  160. Jordanian Army Shirt, Cap
  161. Web Gear Snap Repair
  162. Help on info on soldier from 2/ Royal Scots Fusiliers.
  163. Might anyone know the paint code/colour code for Canadian G-Wagon's?
  164. guess the tool
  165. Help Identfying the WWII USGI Rifle Case
  166. Quiz
  167. Wehrmacht field cap...real, or a real fake?
  168. Need help with web sling ID
  169. Gi Stell Helmet found today
  170. M1 Garand ammo belt
  171. Help Identifying Vintage Mil Gear
  172. What kind of helmet is this?
  173. Russian pouch ID?
  174. What is the correct WWII Swiss rucksack?
  175. M8 Scabbards
  176. American Helmet 'Time-Line'
  177. Dutch issue post war Brodie helmet?
  178. Interesting bag from WW1
  179. Lyman Alaskan Scope - history & value
  180. WWI hat cord identification help?
  181. ID of M1910 pick/mattock US
  182. What is this???
  183. Need Some Help Identifying These. All Information is Greatly Appreciated.
  184. mauser oiler
  185. Geo Evans & Co Full Grain Rawhide Leather Belt
  186. 37 web gear stripper pouch placement?
  187. Would it be wise to get my Grandpa's Dress Hat cleaned for presentation??????
  188. Home Guard Insignia
  189. SA static swastika belt buckle
  190. Misplaced in wrong thread
  191. Things My Father Left
  192. Enfield Muzzle Covers
  193. Battered British Brodie.
  194. British BG-175 generator bag
  195. WWII USN Wings?
  196. Did I get screwed? WWII wings experts out there?
  197. For all the Patch Collectors
  198. Couple of GREAT finds I think?
  199. Can someone help me identify these helmets?
  200. Repro 1907 sling: better with break-in?
  201. German M43 helmet.
  202. A Letter Home, 27 June 1944. A Soviet Union's soldier's missive to his parents.
  203. What kind of canteen carrier is this?
  204. Unknown Holster
  205. Helping Information on a heat stamp on a McCord M1 Helmet.
  206. M1 Carbine Case
  207. WWI Springfield Muzzle Cover
  208. WW1 U.S. Army cartridge belt and bandage
  209. Beh Binoculars - Any information gratefully received
  210. Need help indentifying WWI type helmet
  211. So I've had this patch for awhile...
  212. M3 Snooperscope
  213. Rare carbine sight?
  214. Whoa... I THINK it's a WW1 Squad cleaning kit for 1911s
  215. Unknown bag, Camera equipment?
  216. Any Help Identifying These Caps Would Be Greatly Appreciated!
  217. A thing of beauty
  218. WWII Casings
  219. Canadian MkIII helmets
  220. Help Iding patch
  221. US M1923 belt..1941..R.M. Co. scarce?
  222. Info: set of clothing + paperwork a servicemans navy carrier aboard NIMITZ CVN-68 ACC
  223. Americal Flag 48 Stars
  224. Guess the part
  225. Can Someone Please Tell Me What This Is?
  226. new additions to my new collection
  227. Mess Kits
  228. Mystery Part Identification.
  229. My Mess kit collection
  230. Some WW1 cartridges
  231. Post WWI Belguim Helmet???
  232. Unknown Naval patch?
  233. Need to identify this Navel patch
  234. Early Colt Model 1911 shoulder holster
  235. Three different early M1910 Haversacks
  236. Can someone identify where is field phone was used?
  237. Why are there 22 bids on this canteen & cover?
  238. Need Assistance IDing Item
  239. Light,instrument,m390 -what is it?
  240. More Mystery Items From My Fathers Collection! Assistance needed! :)
  241. What the HECK is this thing?
  242. Elbow telescope?
  243. Yet another helmet that needs identifying!
  244. Yet Another Helmet That Needs Identifying. :)
  245. 1903-1908 experimental cups
  246. Help with I.D. on old U.S. Air Force or Air Corp Wings Pin
  247. What does the heat stamp ZA176 mean on a M1917A1 mean?
  248. 1941 canteen
  249. Putees
  250. Rusted brodie helmet
  251. M1 Ammo Carry "BAG" - What was this bag used for?
  252. What was the pouch/holster for M2 Cap Crimpers?
  253. 1911 Holster Question (Shoulder Strap Confusion)
  254. German luftwaffe M35 helmet
  255. Trying to ID this US Rifle/Machine gun case ?
  256. Original 1945 manufactured 30 round M1/2 carbine magazine pouch?
  257. i need in information on a TEL.STG n 53 MK1
  258. WWII Uniform Help With ID Please
  259. Is This Just An Umbrella Stand
  260. Need help for identification M1 Helmet
  261. Browning belt filling machine
  262. Scope /Lens covers for Remington M40 Sniper - Redfield 3-9
  263. German Helmet Questions & Identification
  264. Ever seen a compass like this?
  265. Help identifying contemporary military combat vest.
  266. Has anyone ever seen an Ammo and/or weapons storage crate like this before?
  267. Need a little help guys.
  268. Krag Carbine Scabbard?
  269. M1 helmet identification
  270. NV for rhino mount?
  271. Highly respected Collector?
  272. Vintage French Military Trench Coat?
  273. Help Identifying Wool Pant
  274. Norwegian mystery pouch ???
  275. Id canadian tool roll leather 1941
  276. What On Earth Is This?
  277. Care and preservation of WWI gas mask
  278. M-1938 Riding Gloves Unlined Info Desired
  279. Flap Holster ID
  280. No53 Mk1 scope
  281. USGI WWII sling for M1 Garand rifle
  282. WWII two man chain saw restoration.
  283. G.P. & R Ltd.
  284. Can you tell if this phone is from the military?
  285. Help ID these pouches please?
  286. WWII US Sleeping Bag
  287. Can Someone Please Identify This Part For Me?
  288. Sheet steel goggles? What is this?
  289. What kind of part it this?
  290. Colt 1911 USMC BOYT 45 Holster
  291. Old military bag need help identify
  292. USGI Holsters
  293. German WWII Heer Helmet Value?
  294. What does W.W.V.C stand for ?
  295. Japanese ditty bag? Anyone ID it?
  296. Bar Belt
  299. J.D.H. Compass
  300. Nazi dress dagger
  301. WW2 USMC Holster?
  302. Huet 1905 French/British WW1 Binoculars
  303. British BMB 1944 dispatch riders helmet? Weird markings!
  304. WWII Finnish Rangefinder
  305. Navy Jacket- original setup or put together?
  306. Suggestions for boot repair?
  307. Canadien West Nova Scotia cap badge, 1945
  308. WWII Luftschutze Gladiator Helmet
  309. Is this M1936 web belt real??
  310. Portuguese M64 Webbing
  311. Original WW2 Russian Army helmet?
  312. Military bag identification help.
  313. WEBCOR INC. Vintage FAA recording instruments. HELP!?
  314. A couple Helmets need identifying!!!
  315. WWII Dog tag like bracelet? Anyone ever seen one of these?
  316. WWII M1 Garand Rifle Scabbard
  317. USGI Z.L.& T. Ltd Canvas Ammo Belt
  318. Bubble in prismatic compass
  319. Chainsaw KB6-AX
  320. Cold War Norwegian Ski Pants? Help identifying these trousers
  321. M2 Ammo Box Cal. 50" Year of make
  322. Rexine on a MKVI telescope?
  323. ALH hat Badges
  324. 25th ALH
  325. My new all correct Russian Ssh39 helmet
  326. I wish to learn more about this jacket, can anyone help,
  327. Help identify...
  328. leather scope caps....
  329. Please help ID this M1 helmet
  330. Magazine bags help need
  331. old lockbox letters...
  332. Interesting Un-Identified Shirt Manufacturer
  333. 4th Marine Div WWII markings - Iwo Jima
  334. Strange Leather Belt Of Sorts
  335. What is this tool?
  336. Need help IDing Large Leather Case
  337. Link to Civilforsvaret Jacket?
  338. A 'one in a million' chance but I have to try
  339. Can someone identify this machine gun oil bottle?
  340. Ammo Can
  341. two tone M1 helmet net
  342. Canvas holster for Browning
  343. Possible explosive?
  344. U.S. 4.2 mortar ignition rounds information?
  345. Hello.. Need help!
  346. new find: Vietnam War gear
  347. Button from Royal Artillery jacket, Queen Victorian era?
  348. British turtle or Brody? Traded with a chap in Leeds UK for my dispatch riders 1944
  349. PLEASE Help ID this Map Bag
  350. Yugoslav Pre-WWII issue leather gear
  351. The Old and the Bold: 1937 Pattern Web Equipment
  352. Help with WWII M1 helmet
  353. New CEF artifact acquired, need a little help?
  354. WW1 Leather Magazine Pouch?
  355. 1970's Flare pistol holster ???
  356. Need help identifying tool
  357. Pattern 14 sling
  358. 1907 Sling Question
  359. BAR web belt ID Help
  360. Military Shirt ID with flags
  361. Bomber Jacket Identification
  362. British whatsit?
  363. Authenticity question: Camlin Fashions Ammo Pouch
  364. Ammo Belt age?
  365. belgian army
  366. Anyone know what this is? Electrolux is on the label. Appears to be a cooler?
  367. What is this item?
  368. looking for old stle shooting jacket
  369. Need Help IDing Numbers on WWII M1 Liner and Bug Net
  370. help date German WWII Flashlight.
  371. Really vintage stuff
  372. F1 magazine pouch
  373. Pattern 37 misc web equipment, need value?
  374. M1 Garand Spare Parts Roll M13
  375. Authentic WW2 buckle boots?
  376. WWII HBT Special Trousers - Repro?
  377. some interesting manuals
  378. Army Twill Khakis - 1960s?
  379. Ross trial Binoculars, stepnada.
  380. USGI M7 holster
  381. Military Police holster ?
  382. Unusual Pattern 37 pack ID help
  383. Spurious USMC Markings
  384. WTK: WWII JAP Box with US Web Gear
  385. Single Point Sight
  386. Canteens...
  387. 2" British mortar lanyard
  388. French Adrian helmet question?
  389. Bureau of Ordinance. Binoculars Yellow filters.
  390. Can anyone identify this coat?
  391. Going to an auction Monday night and need help with ID. Please.
  392. surplus load bearing vest attachments
  393. A "whatsit" mag carriier
  394. Canadian red ensign and Kingdom of Italy flags ( WW1 era? )
  395. German Helmet Value?
  396. What Was This Dolly Meant To Carry?
  397. Trying to find a Vietnam War usmc flak jacket
  398. USN? MKII leather scabbard question
  399. Auction find last night.
  400. Helmets do work a little!
  401. WW1 Brit and American gear. From Peronne Museum.
  402. Soldier's layout
  403. Signal Lamp M-283
  404. Web belt connections
  405. Pattern 34 webbing ????
  406. There has to be somebody intersted in this - British Pattern 1944 webgear.
  407. M1 helmet liner
  408. Civil War button?
  409. Unknown large capacity oil bottle
  410. 11 pouch chest bandoleer
  411. US M1917 Helmet
  412. Meat Can Confusion
  413. Need Help Identifying Vintage Military Helmet
  414. USGI Case Cover Assembly C93550
  415. Recommendations on old holster leather care
  416. M1 Carbine pouch - real or reproduction?
  417. Identification help requested
  418. NVA Helmet
  419. Vintage Rifle Crate Identification - WWI ??
  420. Toggle Rope
  421. Real or Fake WW1 Adrian Helmet
  422. WWI Flack Vest Arrived Today, Anyone Have Info on them?
  423. US Navy Pistol Rack for 45 ACP 1911-A1
  424. 1917 Remington Ammo Belt
  425. Please Help Me Identify This Reverse Camo Jacket
  426. Japanese Type 30 Bayonet - Manufacture date?
  427. WWI Sunset Insignia Patch Indentification
  428. Need some help identifying a helmet...
  429. Vintage military coat?
  430. Looking for WWI 148th Infantry related items
  431. 1941 M1 Garand Scabbard
  432. Just added this..
  433. Is this Frogskin Camo Waxed Jacket Real Military?
  434. Toggle rope toggle
  435. US 1907 Sling
  436. Example image of the patch worn in WWI for the 148th Infantry Needed
  437. Looking for help in dateing an m1 ammo belt
  438. An unusual saber knot
  439. US Grenade launchers
  440. 1912 Holster for Colt 1911
  441. Requesting help with identification
  442. WIW - Nazi helmets
  443. British Army Kit .... through the ages
  444. New here trying to get an ID on an item
  445. U.S. Military Kit questions.
  446. New Here. Don't know what this is
  447. That site again
  448. cartridge box ID
  449. Is this jacket military surplus?
  450. Opinions on USMC Holster
  451. Question on the difference between a MkI & MkII SMILE Wire Cutter
  452. Paris Dunn training Rifle
  453. Cleaning M1910 Scabbard Canvas
  454. New book: Soviet Uniform Visor Cap Markings
  455. USM Portable Gas Pump
  456. USMC M1907 Sling Variant
  457. looking for information on a Model 1907 sling variation
  458. Unknown Disctinct Unit Crest
  459. My family heirloom: a ww2 German helmet
  460. My Vietnam era gear display (so far)
  461. Please help to identify
  462. Stahlhelm, the stages of the helmet-making process of the Imperial German Army
  463. ID for this helmet
  464. Looking for some verification of these flags
  465. New Korean war USMC m1 helmet
  466. Ww2 USMC duffle bag with artwork
  467. ww2 marine corps jacket
  468. Web Rifle Case ?
  469. Need Help Identifying Sled Used by Canadian Forces
  470. WWII US Army General's Visor Cap?
  471. My haul from this past weekend's militaria show
  472. British WWI holster examples?
  473. M.I.L.E.S. Gear
  474. alice mag pouch 4 20 round mags
  475. Nomenclature MA means?
  476. WW2 German U-Boat clock
  477. Some of my Navy stuff
  478. US Issued Benrus Type II Class A dive watch
  479. Any one collect compasses
  480. WW2 US Navy Navigation equipment Hamiltin Model 22 chronometer
  481. Stainless Cup Identification
  482. Issued Eterna Kontiki Super IDF dive watch
  483. Last weeks purchases
  484. Help identify helmet and liner
  485. Canadian 2"mortar cleaning brushes.
  486. Italian WWII Helmet
  487. Wanted TM 9-304 57MM recoiless rifle 1945
  488. What is this box thing?
  489. Can anyone help identify this bandolier ??
  490. Last weekend's flea market finds
  491. something from Viet Nam
  492. US WWII helmet liner insignia
  493. US M1 helmet nets
  494. early USMC/USN shovel covers
  495. New US display completed (for now)
  496. vintage leather military rifle slings
  497. Interesting markings on these M3 sub machinegun pouches
  498. please help identify this canteen
  499. German Helmet - M43?
  500. J.C. S. CO sling