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  1. Question re AIA M10 No 4 mk IV origin
  2. Forum Guidelines.
  3. Savage 12 VSS
  4. AR 15 builds, results
  5. California legal?
  6. Space gun ar/15
  7. Response from Australian International Arms
  8. Savage 12 VSS, Over hauled
  9. "The Gray Ghost"
  10. Parker Hale, Franken gun
  11. Tactical Response in Grande Prairie, AB. Aug. 4-9, 2007
  12. Any Glock Shooters?
  13. Franken gun part 2
  14. F.G. Range ready
  15. Pluging Millet scopes
  16. Militaria Museum Recommendation
  17. F-Class?
  18. Ithaca s/s, 1 1/2, strange?????
  19. What rifle are you using this fall?
  20. New member
  21. How we spent our vacation .....
  22. Huh? Where am I?
  23. Follow up: How'd you and your rifle make out this past fall?
  24. Sigarms Mosquito and GSG-5
  25. XM15 retro
  26. Wooden ducks
  27. Amazon.com
  28. Little visual Joke found on the web
  29. Remington Mod 30 /P 17
  30. OUT OF TOPIC but on season
  31. Pribor-3B assault rifle
  32. belgian antique slngle action revolver,Colt look alike
  33. 12 Guage, 00 Buckshot, an hour after sunset.
  34. Oh, milsurp guns, I love you so much!!!!
  35. CSP's New home
  36. WTB/WTS Board?
  37. Test Message
  38. Erma BP-22 question
  39. culvers
  40. Hi there . . .
  41. Dick and Gloria
  42. Checking In/Dick & Glo
  43. Just a suggestion
  44. Hello & thank you, Milsurps.com!
  45. REB says hello first
  46. Student Mentions CCW in Class Presentation, Prof Calls Cops
  47. I made it!
  48. From The DCM boards to the CSP boards to the Milsurp
  49. Military Caliber Bans
  50. Lest we forget
  51. Obama is Resigning?
  52. I made it over
  53. Before the barn door slams shut
  54. Picture Test
  55. Checking in
  56. Items for sale?
  57. Change of background color
  58. Picture post test
  59. Just checking in.........
  60. Regardless of income, you will be taxed one way or another
  61. Another one passes on - one of The Old Breed.
  62. mini 14 accuracy ?
  63. Font size and color test.
  64. Will O's programs crowd out religion? Maybe ...
  65. How do I bold face just the headline?
  66. Ted Kennedy to be knighted
  67. U.S. Marines raid the Bahamas, the Alamo falls, U.S. Army grabs Ludendorff bridge
  68. Gun Control
  69. Hello, Im from the old board
  70. Suggestion for Old CSP members,
  71. ammo
  72. ammo
  73. You WILL pay for others' abortions; doctors WILL perform them!
  74. VIDEO: Marines reactions to Bush, then Obama
  75. Reminiscence
  76. U.S. Navy destroyers; great photo of a formation
  77. Another superb video; depth charge explosion
  78. Another cool video.
  79. How to get larger fonts in "Quick Reply".
  80. 19th century marksmanship training
  81. Posting pic ??'s
  82. New Mod 70 NM
  83. North Platte Canteen
  84. Should the motto "In God We Trust" be removed from U.S. currency?
  85. Cap and Trade = Kill Jobs
  86. Welcome to the Pinocchio Administration
  87. Obama's Top Five Broken Promises
  88. My retro AR
  89. Lazer etched ammo???? Is this true???
  90. My recent trip through the States
  91. Thanks for the WTB/WTS Board
  92. Testing large photo sizes
  93. Here we go again....
  94. what kind of ammo is this
  95. Black powder thread??
  96. Cheerleader, now sniper, makes 725 yard shot up the butt of an IED guy
  97. where do I post a WTB ad?
  98. Buy Viagra!
  99. Classified concerns and questions
  100. CSP Gone for good? (Error 403 message)
  101. Hillary does it again
  102. New shooting Iron
  103. Militaria
  104. Ammo shortage is worldwide?
  105. What do I Have
  106. Way way OT
  107. Gun show in Waukesha Wisconsin
  108. CSP is seeking advertisers
  109. D.C. gun laws; Pelosi & black caucus meet to undo gun rights
  110. Beretta AR70
  111. Remington M870 8-shot shotgun
  112. Your USMC service number
  113. Gun Show
  114. US Marines - Bush vs O'bortion
  115. Changing an avatar
  116. Death of a Ball Turret Gunner: "My Father Asks For Nothing."
  117. to change font size for old eyes
  118. Chew toy for the Granpuppy
  119. Hunter safety trainer ejects Obama voter from course
  120. Lane's CSP Tips
  121. 03a3
  122. Getting in on the action
  123. SoCal Folks: Best Gun Buying Source?
  124. Our neighbors in Canada; their soldiers are bleeding & dying too
  125. picture test
  126. The Dems stimulate the dickens out of gun sales!
  127. "Gun Control" loses another one.
  128. Apache with Hellfire versus vehicle with IEDs; and the winner is ...
  129. Wise observation from one of the few Democrats I respected
  130. Severe cuts in veterans AND active duty health benefits; rumor or fact?
  131. Jouster Lives on
  132. Slow
  133. Is anyone there?
  134. Titles: how come some are light face, some bold, some light then become bold?
  135. You can own U.S. Grant's cased Colt!
  136. You thought Pelosi was a low-life back then? Check this out!
  137. 6.5mm Rifles
  138. City refuses a woman's pistol registration; "It's the wrong color"
  139. 17 Wounded Marines cheered by thousands at ballgame; great stuff!
  140. Great story -Master Corporal Erin Doyle
  141. School shooting in Germany, 11 dead
  142. Media definition of an arsenal!
  143. Saving Lane's Tips
  144. Army sniper in Afghanistan; another day at the "Office"
  145. Only A Marine
  146. Picture Posting Practice
  147. test
  148. Selling A Gun Collection
  149. Deleting ads from WTS/WTB forums...can't do it....
  150. Right hand twist.
  151. Obama: We need a National Civilian Security Force. WTF?
  153. C&R License - Is over 2 weeks Normal Just to Get Application Booklet?
  154. O/T Computer question
  155. Where did those guns come from?
  156. Great Story About General Petraeus!!
  157. ALERT! Micro-stamping your cartridges; it could start here
  158. Bluing questions
  159. Oleg Volk
  160. Would you prefer to be killed by a person or by a drone?
  161. Other CT bills
  162. DOD orders destruction of spent brass.
  163. You guys need to be aware of this
  164. Valley Forge Gunshow
  165. EPA: Farmers must stop producing dust when farming!
  166. My gun show find today
  167. Recession/Depression
  168. The recession is over
  169. 22 Ammo
  170. Terrific idea - crib board stocks
  171. Baltimore Show
  172. USMC small arms in the Korean War
  173. Medina Ohio Gun Show Report
  174. Howdy All
  175. South Florida Sun-Sentinel Assault Weapons Poll.
  176. Big O intends to screw Veterans; American Legion CO is extremely pi**ed at him
  177. Shipping a pistol
  178. Ruger LCR
  179. More Gun Broker woes
  180. Anyone ever make a web page?
  181. Tea Party PROTESTS, April 15th, list of locations; link
  182. Heard on the car radio today
  183. Airline pilots now DEPRIVED OF GUNS by Obama
  184. Way OT.. Wizard of OZ...
  185. Mexican trucks in the U.S.; the other side of the story
  186. Will you take the Pledge to Obama?
  187. Our Congress at Work
  188. Another "New" Shooting Iron
  189. "T'aint Funny McGee!!"
  190. Troups sent to Samson, AL
  191. DOD reverses policy about destroying brass! Thanks NRA/ILA!
  192. A big well done and thanks to Milsurps
  193. Ammo Shortage May Affect Law Enforcement
  194. multiple personality disorder
  195. Iwo Jima declared secure, Brits lick Greene near Greensboro, all today
  196. What's this MOVED stuff? This is supposed to be an open forum
  197. Wages RISE for legal workers after raids on illegals! Duh, who woulda thunk?
  198. Mail Call outtakes
  199. VIDEO: 9 bad guys, divided by 2 Apaches + 2 Hellfire missiles + 30MM = X bad guys?
  200. Why the ammo shortage
  201. Motivational speech given to iraqi policemen by Army
  202. a pretty good shooter for he bucks
  203. FN P35 Nazi Proofed Grips wanted
  204. en blocs and clips that I found
  205. Savage 93R17 mags...
  206. How Tight To Make Screws On Scopes
  207. Are you certain that we really need a Second Amendment? After all ...
  208. Buyers Beware
  209. Excuse double post:dunno:
  210. Old woman with submachine gun,
  211. Gun Search
  212. stock ID?
  213. Oakland Ca. LEO deaths
  214. Rack For Safe
  215. Need Advice about Selling Guns.
  216. Mod 70 stock ID
  218. The possum and shotgun
  219. Judge Blocks Rule Permitting Concealed Guns In U.S. Parks
  220. help identifing head stamp
  221. War Poem
  222. Guidebook for Marines
  223. who uses shooting gloves?
  224. Federal Target .22 LR
  225. O.T.,kind of....,sort of....,yeah,it's gun related.
  226. Army now FORCIBLY REGISTERING private firearms & CC info
  227. Robber fatally shot in Miami Burger King holdup
  228. forclosures and mexico
  229. Colt 38super ser #'s
  230. Illinois Anti-Gun Radio Debate March 26th WGN 720
  231. Is there a Problem with the Gunbroker site?
  232. Off-topic - one for Goo and the flyboys
  233. The Bagpiper
  234. just bought a S&W topbreak 5 shot,.38 Single Action
  235. New S&W handgun released for Liberals
  236. Tonight - Anti-gunner appearing on call-in radio show! Call to say hello!
  237. This system can tell where the shot came from, and what kind of weapon fired it
  238. Federal taxes on firearms and ammo; can you make sense of this tax table? (LINK)
  239. Price of South African 7.62....
  240. Springfield 1873 Mfg. Date
  241. Check you Cabelas for Mosin 91/30s
  242. Local auction.
  243. Murtha Award Sparks Vet Outrage
  244. Ammo
  245. The guns the Mexicans use; an eye-opener!
  246. Beretta ever make a pistol chambered in 10mm?
  247. Help Identifying Hammers
  248. Choosing a pistol for a newbie
  249. Sailor fatally shot aboard destroyer Halsey
  250. Springfield Armory NHS "Wish List"
  252. Security guys (in grey) inside Newark Airport
  253. OT Jack Warden the rest of the story
  254. Showing support for the Culvers
  255. 77 Cj-5
  256. Big Sandy night shoot video
  257. Lee Marvin
  258. Actor Charles Durning
  259. Can anyone verify this info???
  260. Need Money?
  261. ATF Called......
  262. O.T. Need help from membership
  263. Wish your northern brothers well, guys.
  264. Ray Rayner
  265. Here is a mayor to give you a chuckle
  266. TV blooper?
  267. I Just Heard On The Radio...
  268. On tonight's new. Thursday
  269. VIDEO: John Stossel explodes the myth that gun control reduces crime!
  270. Another O.T. actor story: Brian Dennehy
  271. ATF C&R Inspection this is how it went down LONG!
  272. The Myth of 90% of the Guns from USA
  273. If You Liked "Band of Brother's" .......
  274. Wonder if it will work?
  275. DRMO brass sale !!!
  276. Marines come up with the greatest ideas!
  277. New York and guns
  278. VIDEO (very noisy, very cool): M1 Abrams gives cover fire to troops in an Iraqi city
  279. Just heard news flash 3 LEO Killed
  280. Pay Close Attention to This.....
  281. Got in here - Finaly!
  282. Arizona members, he says you can buy unlimited numbers of AK-47s there
  283. Tulsa Gun Show Report
  284. Computer questions about Vista,
  285. USS Enterprise
  286. In Todays Sentinel
  287. Montana set to buck fed gun control
  288. All good things eventually
  289. C&R Application Question
  290. Marcus Luttrell's (Navy Seal and Navy Cross Recipient) dog shot by some punks
  291. slings, holsters and motorcycle seats
  292. Untergang - The Downfall
  293. Obama ends Europe trip with tour of Istanbul mosque
  294. WH Easter Egg Roll Tickets Reserved for Gays
  295. There's this Thief I Know.....
  296. Pirated ship,
  297. Dismembering bad guys the 50 caliber way. Startling. (VIDEO)
  298. Ed Freeman. MOH, 1965,
  299. Added another piece of WWl Trench art
  300. Shooter of 13 people in N.Y.
  301. Poll, and a simple what if...
  302. Obama Bows to Saudi King
  303. OT, Venting & Why
  304. DoD to stop selling Brass
  305. Liberal Philadelphia politicians trying to STOP the Tea Party for April 15th
  306. Pelosi: "We want [all] guns registered"
  307. Today: Battle of Shiloh, Bataan Death March begins, Brits through in the towel, more
  308. A King of Army Surplus musters out for good
  309. Philadelphia Tea Party back on the tracks for April 15th (PHOTO)
  310. Questions
  311. Sign of the times?
  312. Church Security
  313. How really stupid are you?
  314. Speed Test, Kinda neat
  315. Free NRA membership
  316. 20/20 show/report on guns tonight.
  317. Russell Dunham dies at 89; Medal of Honor recipient
  318. Important poll..please vote now!
  319. Sex Offenders in your area?
  320. I suppose we must comply with this instruction
  321. Polymer cased .50 cal
  322. What will Afghanistan mean to our military?
  323. Stupid WOW testing body armor
  324. OT Vessel North Wind WWII
  325. what could her thoughts have been????
  326. No more ammo
  327. firearms sales booming
  328. Have you military guys heard of this?
  329. An Australian businessman told me what happened to his guns
  330. Some one is going to hit the jackpot.
  331. French and pirates,
  332. Get your $0.02 in on ABC's gun "story",I did.
  333. Jim Keenan
  334. OT-The Cars we Drove in the 50's and 60's "Link Inside"
  335. Boys On Iwo Jima & Horrors of War
  336. Gunbroker S-L-O-W for anyone else?
  337. Yesterday's gun and ammo prices in today's dollars
  338. SEALS kick pirate.....
  339. Old timer telling about bayonet training
  340. The rescue; clarification on how it came about
  341. Gun Laws in Germany
  342. You can't ever say you were never warned
  343. Tea Parties, locations by state, April 15th, some on the 18th. (LINK)
  344. 1973 and gun laws
  345. B2 flyover
  346. Fellows, we've really got to be more careful with the words we use
  347. Where ever you are, our new grenade can nail you
  348. What would happen to this guy where you live?
  349. OT: Impressions of "NEW" Hoppe's...
  350. CMP's Daisy air rifles come with a sling
  351. Federal agency warns of radicals on right
  352. Our tax $$$$$
  353. Magic Words in Politics
  354. Veteran License plate frames ansd others
  355. OT: Naval Aviators
  356. Rush off the rails (OT)
  357. Shipping Ammo
  358. American Legion commander takes a smack at the administration. Good!
  359. Research InterArms Hsc Mauser...
  360. cmp website
  361. This is for all you pilots out there......
  362. A New Outrage
  363. ATF Called today - DURING THE TEA PARTY
  364. OT: Your entertainment for this evening .......
  365. Let me see if I got this straight...
  366. Tea Party, Philadelphia, report & photo
  367. Weapons Ban
  368. Pennsylvanians! Rendell's assault on our gun rights began TODAY!
  369. Obama: 'I have not backed off' on assault weapons ban
  370. Operation Vigilant Eagle
  371. Stovepiping Glock could have gotten this cop killed in gunfight
  372. British Royal Marine tackles bomber, saves dozens of comrades
  373. Bedford, Virginia D-Day Memorial Military Display
  374. USMC at Normandy?
  375. Balloons and pillboxes
  376. "Pennsylvanians, your 'assault weapons' jam and are no good for home defence"
  377. San Antonio gun shows?
  378. What are your top 5 favorite long guns?
  379. More pictures of US Army wearing camo in ETO
  380. From the Vietnam War Memorial, Philadelphia
  381. It looks like we can turn military ops over to NATO, knowing they'll do the job!
  382. USMC Model 70 Winchester sniper rifle
  383. Anyone go to the Reno Show?
  384. North Store Visit Friday
  385. CWO Matt Kelley RIP
  386. Attention CCW Holders
  387. Old Military Pay Charts
  388. Win OR Lose World War II ???
  389. Ammo Can Prices
  390. S&W question
  391. Urgent - Illinois - Gun Control Forum in Wheaton on Tuesday!
  392. Why I haven't been here.
  393. Why isn't this on the front page?
  394. 9th circuit rules on 2nd ammd-YES INSTEAD OF NO
  395. Project Appleseed Report - 4/18-19
  396. Final muster for the last man from Bedford, Virginia
  397. cop abuse or just cop stupid?
  398. List of Forbidden Weapons. Can you authenticate it please?
  399. The thank-you thread
  400. is it wierd if..
  401. Where can I buy a magazine for a Post Ban AK
  402. To old CSP users
  403. Chantilly Gun Show This Weekend
  404. Senator Kerry Wants Fed Cash Bailout for Failed Ultra-Liberal News Rags
  405. The town that lost 22 of their young men in one day, D-Day
  406. Great gun cruise/vacation
  407. History lesson did you know?????
  408. Sad end to a proud ship
  409. Cowboy joke
  410. Are the people at your range nice or mean?
  411. I'd appreciate your opinion on a racial-sexual-education of our young topic
  412. FYI: WalMart Ammo
  413. Whoa!
  414. THANK YOU Creedmoor Sports
  415. Here are the email addresses for your congresshumans, senators and governors
  416. If you own a semi-automatic, you want to kill policemen, kill kids, says Jimmy Carter
  417. Attn: RayP NRA logo / CSP avatar
  418. CSP Admin: My opinion.
  419. Road to the cabin
  420. Mexico variant swine flu?
  421. US Navy v. Pirates - Version Number 3
  422. Swine Flu tale from the 70's
  423. Campaign to establish Liberator Status for Patton's Boston Regiment!
  424. Microsoft's Vista.....
  425. Trip To Normandy
  426. "Bubba" ain't so bad!
  427. Carrying un-concealed in Wisconsin....
  428. Is This Legal?
  429. This gun is no longer legal. I don't object.
  430. Tennessee Gun Parts
  431. Debunking CO2's role in global warming
  432. Think about it
  433. The Eagles Nest: Berchtesgaden May - June 1945
  434. What would you have done?
  435. East African Cruise Package
  436. Recommend a 9mm Pistol
  437. Common sense about guns and gun owners
  438. $100 a box .380s
  439. Ebay's new policy on military items
  440. Our changing Nation "a C&P"
  441. Bride bags a nice turkey on her wedding day!
  442. Tell Rush The Truth About HSUS
  443. donation to Culvers
  444. Jerk with record who stole machine guns at Valley Forge show is nailed
  445. Info needed on WRA WWII era model 70
  446. Good Cop/Bad Cop
  447. .303 corrosive or not
  448. Your Taxes at work - Accused Traitors Get a Pass
  449. Red Dot Problem
  450. When your friends criticize our dropping the A-Bomb, have this info handy
  451. Where can I get...
  452. California Surgeons
  453. Magazine loader
  454. worthless city goverment
  455. pre ww11 russian bomber
  456. pre ww11 rooski bomber
  457. Microsoft office 2007
  458. 50 BMG Ammo ID
  459. Guess what Windows did to me.......
  460. Duck Joke
  461. .30-06 blanks
  462. NBC/money show last night.....
  463. Anyone Got A Source For 7.5 Swiss Ammo?
  464. At 230 yards, he hits the plate, with a handgun, not using a rest!
  465. Waste some time
  466. Ammo - Bullets - Powder - Primers Availability ???
  467. can somebody verify this for me. i got it in the mail
  468. Paypal question
  469. Postal advice needed
  470. OT: You have to watch these young ladies, they are unbeliveable!!!
  471. 4th Annual Veterans Appreciation Day
  472. 1944 Solid Potato Salad
  473. How long before we give up???Or have we already?
  474. P-47 squadron on a combat mission in the war; nice footage
  475. Maybe a simple way to stop pirates with out killing......
  476. Russian Mig 15 and 17 gun questions OT
  477. Where is the ATF when you need them?
  478. Universal Carbines in ca. 256 ferret
  479. Computers again
  480. Texan who carries stops crime, helps bag robbers
  481. I Wish We Had A Candidate With This Platform!!
  482. Thank a veteran today - VE Day
  483. Shooting my new CZ 75 B
  484. TFord,what the heck is going on down there.....
  485. OT PFC Robert Alert remebered 5/9/69
  486. OT but good info... maybe
  487. AK-47 rear sight leaf
  488. 65th anniversary of D-Day is coming up
  489. Anyone going to either CMP store?
  490. The Iraq war; here's one thing it can teach us
  491. Sig p228 help
  492. Where have all the Phantoms gone?
  493. Red Neck Skeet Shooting
  494. Kudos for United Airlines
  495. Suicide at the range
  496. El Paso Weaver scopes?
  497. Pardon Graner and the others
  498. Way Off Topic!
  499. Locating current made...
  500. Where Heros Trod