• Roosevelt and the Rough Riders (Spanish-American War and Krag Rifle Era)

    The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures
    (6 videos contemporary to the period)

    1. Roosevelt's Rough Riders embarking for Santiago
    2. U.S. Infantry supported by Rough Riders at El Caney
    3. Skirmish of Rough Riders
    4. Roosevelt's Rough Riders
    5. President Roosevelt and the Rough Riders
    6. Wounded Soldiers Embarking in Row Boats

    To view this video, press the PLAY button, or any area in the centre of the video window. Note the other optional video controls also available on the control bar located underneath the video screen. You may use the PAUSE and other buttons to adjust your personal viewing preferences, or click on the video itself to stop and start playback. Make sure you turn on your speakers and set the volume appropriately.

    Roosevelt and the Rough Riders (Krag Rifle Era)
    (6 videos contemporary to the period)
    Total Video Length = approx 4 minutes
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