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  1. I am not yet a member of the Weapons Guild. But I...

    I am not yet a member of the Weapons Guild. But I have a feeling that I soon will...Ö..

    As for welding knowledge, I think I have that handled. I have a couple different TIG machines at my...
  2. Welp, I bit off, now I gotta figure out how to chew it

    Hey all,

    Long time reader, first-time poster. Recently bit on a MK3 kit from Sarco. Iíve been keeping an eye out for used jigs out on Gun Broker and other sites, havenít seen much of anything. The...
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    Sticky: Hello world!

    Hey everyone!

    Just getting joined up here. I am a collector/repairer/enthusiast when it comes to WW2 commonwealth weaponry, mainly Enfields. I do have a Garand, and recently dove into the world of...
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