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Thread: Canadian Ross M10 Mk3 Sniper Rifle (Legit or Put Together?)

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    What an abortion: at least only a rusty W&S scope was sacrificed, and a beaten up old MkIII of no particular significance. Some poor fool paid over $2500. US for it on Gunbroker, so we may well hear of it again.
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    I am far from expert on Ross Rifles, thought I do own and shoot a number of them. I noticed the bolt on this sniper rifle was pinned. I am not 100% sure but I recall reading somewhere that the bolts were pinned after WW1 and thus after the Ross was removed from front line service.
    It does not mean that the rifle itself was not in the hands of a Canadianicon Soldier on a WW1 battlefield. That is entirely possible. The pinned bolt does make me wonder though if the modifications into a sniper version were done after WWI.

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