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Thread: Scope mounts for Carl Gustav

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    Scope mounts for Carl Gustav

    Hi, I am fairly new to shooting, I am very new to modifying rifles. I have purchased a Carl Gustav target rifle in .308. It has Palma match sights fitted to it, how do I go about mounting a Scope? Are there any non gunsmith options? Any information on this subject would be great.
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    Welcome to the forum had a look on line at what the rifle looked like so I think your out of luck for a non-smith rail there are 2 options as it appears to be the same as a Parker Hale I have and that is the back mount has to be higher to make up for the differences in the receiver ring heights front to rear.
    I have attached a pic of my rifle a 1200 PH 22/250 you will notice the back part of the one piece mount is thicker these are swing off's meaning I undo one rear screw and swing the scopes rear in that direction to unlock the front spigot you only undo one side that way you do not lose your windage zero on the mount.
    With that I mean you center the travel on the windage drum then using minute adjustments either way with the rear screws get it to hit a vertical line I do it at 25m that way the only influence is yourself once it has been achieved I put medium Loctite on the screws one at a time each so as not to lose the windage POI.

    The other set you could try is a 2 piece picattiny system but again the back must be taller the only real draw back is you normally do not have many mounting slots for the scope rings perhaps 1 at the back & 2 -3 on the front dependent on brand but either way its a gunsmith for you unless your a good sort with a lathe & milling machine.
    You could perhaps get a dovetail slotted into the reciever rings but that may be an expensive 3rd option given the height differences if I am incorrect others he will duly correct me or perhaps offer other solutions.
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