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Thread: Alternatives to GP11?

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    Alternatives to GP11?

    So I picked up a Schmidt-Ruben M1911 long rifle from Classic, and I'm starting to see why so many like the Swissicon straight pull rifles. This thing is almost as long as my 18th-Century Frenchicon Fusil-de-Chasse musket, but it's incredibly well balanced and fairly light. It has hands down the cleanest tangent iron sights I have ever seen, and with the long sight radius and match grade trigger pull (2.5lbs and clean!) if the accuracy tales are true it really comes off more as a target rifle dressed up as a combat rifle. I've long heard that vintage competitors who favor Swiss guns prefer this rifle over the more famous K31 and I can see why.

    Anyway on to my question... After looking around it seems that GP11 is hard to come by at the moment. What alternate manufactured ammo have people found shoot well in these rifles? There doesn't seem to be a lot of options but I've found some 174 Grain FMJ Prvi Partizan. I'll probably see about reloading for it eventually as I do with all my rifles but to begin with I just want to get a good baseline.

    I can't wait to get it to the range and see how its accuracy compares to my Finnishicon M39.

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    I'm in the same boat as you, It seems GP-11 just isn't as prevalent as it was a few years back. I have tried PPU in my 1911 and it seems to like it. I can shoot about 2" groups at 100 yards and I am definitely not the best shot.

    Until GP-11 is available again, if it is, PPU seems like a good substitute unless you want to start reloading.

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    Get GP11 or get expert at reloading! I am not a beginner in reloading, but I was never able to better GP11. I saw a freshly delivered 480-round pack yesterday at a local gunshop. The first for a long time. OK that's over here in Mauserland, but maybe another consigment has been released by the Swissicon. So don't lose hope. And when you do find some, don't dither, wait for it to get cheaper, or save up for Christmas - just get it!

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    Even reloading is iffy (or mine is!)

    I had it going with 3 x sub 1 MOA groups and then it went South.

    A really nice guy on another forum sent me 20 of the GP11 rounds to shoot. Those run around 1 1/4 MOA.

    I pulled one bullet to see what it looked like. Vary tapered and not a lot of body, nothing I have is remotely like it - 3 Hornady in 168 gr, Hornady 208, 185 Juggernaut Berger, Sierra 175, and 200 Match. Be interesting to have bullets in the GP11 style to try in 308, 30-06 (or even the 7.5 Swissicon Savage I built.

    And the reports are spot on for pow2der. It is smack on exact look as R17 (R60 I think in Switzerland) and 48.3 grins.

    For the OP: Try a Model of 1917 for the best sights you ever came across. the 1911 and K-31 are very good, the 1917 with the peep is even better!

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