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Thread: New to me carbine with photos!

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    Combined posts for this carbine

    Links to Gork's other posts about this WRA Carbine



    I see your Profile says you have 2 Twin Boys......
    You'll need more Carbines

    A Country Has No Greater Responsibility Than To Care For Those Who Served...

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    Painter. I grew up in the Wayne Westland area. Spent many happy hours trolling for Walleye and perch out in the channels out on Lake Erie and up out side of Iron Mountain. Not many outdoor shooting areas left around here. Most of my shooting is up at my brother-in-law's place out side of Mt pleasant, and up at Cheboygan sportsman club. No, I don't reload at this time. Would like to learn to in the future. Funny you should mention my twins and shooting. I'm working on two more carbines. Gork

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