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Thread: Newly acquired Egyptian Maadi AK questions

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    Newly acquired Egyptian Maadi AK questions

    Today I became a first-time AK owner. I'd done months of research, but was having trouble finding local examples I could actually handle--and 9 out 10 were recent Century builds. Went to the gunshow today and barely found 20 in a 400 table show. It came to a choice between a Norinco NHM-91, and this Maadi--picked the Maadi because the Norinco had the loger RPK-style barrel which was just too long.
    The Maadi was imported by CAI (STILL ended up with a darn Century!), and is the MISR-S/A model, which I heard was better than the cobbled together MISR-10 and -90's. This one has been fully TAPCO'd furniture-wise, with a folding stock and foregrip. Marked 'MISR S/A' with caliber on the rear sight base, and 'Made by Maadi Co in Egypt, Importer CAI St Alb Vt' on the right side of the receiver. Has serial 19xxx etched in the left side. I did not check to see if there were any other symbols on internal parts.
    Several questions for you all:
    ---I heard Maadis had milled receivers, but this is a post-ban that appears stamped--am I correct?
    ---I would like to restore this to all wood furniture--does the wood all have to be Maadi-specific, or will any AK furniture work? (I have a Romanian 'dong' grip I'd like to put on it for starters).
    ---Will putting wood furniture back on violate the legal aspect where a certain amount of US parts have to be used? (no idea what internal parts might have been changed out)
    ---What kind of mags are best for this model? I have several TAPCO, one misc polymer; and Romanian & East Germanicon metal, ALL of which seat very tightly.
    Thanks for reading
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    A real Maadi is a AKM with a stamped receiver.

    IIRC the factory was set up by the Russians.

    Russianicon type furniture should work.

    Quick overview:
    Egyptian Maadi Ak47 Guide - AR15.COM

    More than anyone needed to know:
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    Fantastic, I'll have to find some, thanks!

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