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Thread: zfk 31/43 Scopes and Clouding

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    zfk 31/43 Scopes and Clouding

    Coming very soon on the Swissicon Products USAicon Website.
    After a 10 year labour of love, Jean-Louis Lacour In Paris Franceicon) presents his in-depth analysis, service and repair diagrams for the zfk 31/43 Sniper Scope.
    This beautiful hard bound book contains all of the photos and information that the zfk 31/43 rifle owner will ever need. A must-have book for the zfk 31/43
    For costs, preferred language and shipping information, contact Jean-Louis at:
    You can also contact him now. There is nothing in this for Swiss Products. It's a courtesy we're providing for Jean-Louis.

    I might add, that unless you're a good optics repair man, I suggest you loan your book to a scope/optics expert if you do need repairs or clarification of the lenses. The book will illustrate just how complex this scope is. Not as complex as the zfk55 scope, but still...............

    SP will soon be providing a repair service for the zfk55 Scopes. I'll let you know.
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