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Thread: Firing the Nepalese Bira Gun

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    Firing the Nepalese Bira Gun

    One of the TV programmes which I watch when there isn't anything else worth looking at is "Pawn Stars" and yesterday they had a Nepalese Bira gun on the programme which someone had brought into the shop. Before long the gun had been taken out into the desert and it was being fired.

    A while ago a UKicon dealer did have a few of these guns for sale which can be legally owned in the UK provided that they are not used. If I remember correctly they were priced around about £26,000 here. I was tempted to buy one but, unfortunately, my bank balance wasn't and isn't large enough and nor is my house. This is because if I owned one of these guns I would want to have it inside my house, in my lounge, and as it's a relatively small house with a small lounge there wouldn't be much room for anything else, like furniture.

    Fortunately, I have found the footage on Youtube.

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