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Thread: Woolwich crown w marking

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    Woolwich crown w marking

    It has taken a number of years to sort out that the W in a Crown marking found on Colt Official Police, S&W sub machine guns, and Thompson SMGs. Some one found the marking on paperwork at the Pattern Room associating the marking with the inspectorate at Woolwich.

    To further the point, the new book, "Great Britainicon -- Tommy Gun Story" by Tom Davis has information on the Crown W marking found on Thompson SMGs. He references the marking being found in the following W O pamphlet:

    Armaments Inspection Department , List of Stamps Used in Various Divisions, revised 1/10/39.

    Does anyone have a copy or source?

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    I was the one who supplied him with a couple of page scans which I had, in turn, been passed by someone else who found them, I. Patrick, I think.

    'gun' means artillery in Britishicon ordnance circles. If it meant smallarms it would have said so (just as 'ammunition' means artillery ammunition). So, while we know that the mark has an application in artillery acceptance procedures, it must mean something else when they used it on smallarms.

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