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Thread: Large Ring Mauser Parts ....

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    Large Ring Mauser Parts ....

    I'm trying to complete my 1903/M38 Turkishicon Mauser project.
    Have been collecting things to complete for sometime, I'm getting close.
    This Turkish is modeled after the K98icon German Mauser (in 8MM).
    Most importantly, this Mauser is a LARGE RING. Build date is 1939.

    Things I need:
    Complete trigger guard w/floor plate, mag spring & follower.
    I also need the trigger guard screws & capture screw. 3 screws in all ....
    Also need one fore grip hold down screw. In decent condition, not too stripped.
    This screw sits in front of the rear site base, holding down the wooden fore-grip.
    I'd be interested in anything you have, so long as it's not really too rusted & busted up.
    I'd also appreciate links to other sources (past eBay, Gun Broker, etc.), to source parts.

    If you have anything that I could use, please let me know. Shipping is to Arizona, 85142.

    Thanks for reading my post!
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