Hey all,
I recently (randomly) came upon this rifle listed as a 1917 refurb but found out its actually a very well travelled old broad: it was early enough to see great war service for the USAicon, has canadian army marks on the stock so was purchased by them prior to WWII, and then has a Danishicon Home Guard HJV Marksmanship front sight and milled follower indicating service there, where it was designated Gevær M53-17.

It is highly correct by my assessment but is a rebuild, although i think the rebuild was done by the danes as it did not get a new finish. The Eddystone stock is very crisp and festooned with Eagles on every swivel It has not been sanded and the finger grooves are crisp. The parts I have seen are all Eddystone save the front sight (danish), the rear sight, mag box, sear (Remington) and the triggerguard (Winchester). The bolt is Eddystone and numbered but not to this gun. I haven't pulled the trigger out to look yet but it is not Eddystone. It's got a good bore and man does the thing shoot. Even with my amateur skills it makes 500 yards feel easy, the Danes knew what they were doing with the front sight.

So basically I have no idea how to value this thing, which I intend to sell because I have never seen a Danish one for sale before. I could also swap the small parts that are not Eddystone to make it a 'correct' Rifle but I am loathe to swap out the front sight and destroy its history. I appreciate the board's help with this!

m17/53 - Album on Imgur