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Thread: Oveido 1930 Mauser 7mm bought today

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    Oveido 1930 Mauser 7mm bought today

    It has been a long time since posting. But today I walked upon a road side estate sale and the kids were selling granpa's collection dirt cheap. After grabbing a sporterized and really nice Arisakaicon 99; I found this little portly Mauser.

    The barrel is just stamped 7mm. Most of the parts are matching. I really like the original looking sights. You can tell by the step barrel this was not the original stock. But it definitely screamed military right down to the steel butt plate

    Reading the intertubes seems to indicate many folks have bad impressions of this rifle. The bolt reminds me to the various cock on close Mausers I love from Husqvarna and sundry other pre-model 98's I've enjoyed.

    I am a bit confused. The intertubes mostly say these were converted to fire 7.62x51 NATO. A .30 bore this is not! If it is a 7mm as the hole in the barrel says; what cartridge would this be?

    Lastly if I restore this back to milsurp; there seems to be parts missing on the front sight. Which is a solid steel post that has one hole that appears something mounted too. And the barrel end is stepped as if a muzzle device or maybe a bayonet mount went there?

    Anyway; any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I own a couple Spanish 1916 short rifles in 7mm Mauser....The front sights have a slip on protective ears that pin on through the front sight base....the barrel on the short rifles is about 22 inches long....the appropriate bayonet for the short rifle is a long M1913 bayonet however many similar bayonets will fit such as Turkishicon Mauser bayonets.

    Many were converted to 7.62 chambering apparently many were not...there is some controversy regarding the strength and safety of the converted rifles.

    I have a1932 Oviedo made rifle and an scrubbed rifle that I believe was originally a M1893 long rifle that was overhauled/refurbed into a M1916 pattern short rifle

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    Can you point me to any sources on M1916 7mm Spanish mauser stock markings? I have a 1922 Oviedo in excellent condition with a non-matching bolt. It has several marks/stamps in the stock and I haven't been able to find any information sources reference what they mean. Thanks!

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