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Thread: Snap Caps for Schmidt-Rubin 1889

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    Question Snap Caps for Schmidt-Rubin 1889

    I was looking into buying some snap caps for a Schmidt-Rubin 1889 I have for display and demonstration purposes. The original 7.5x53.5 ammo hasn't been in production for a century, so there are no snap caps of that caliber. However, there are some in the similar 7.5x55 used by later Swissicon rifles. Would these be similar enough to work as intended since they don't actually need to be fired?

    Thanks for the help.

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    I have a guy make the custom "snapcaps" I need. He does a great job, they are inexpensive, and delivery is fast/

    Veteran owned and operated 3D Printing services. by Ison3Dprints

    Here are some pictures, my collection has grown since it took these.

    Hope this helps.

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    Generally speaking 7.5x55 Swissicon will fit in a 1889 rifle. Not to be fired in those rifles, but should chamber. Many of the other early Swiss rifles (KG 1897, K1893, etc.) I found have tighter chambers than the 1889 and won't chamber those rounds. I would buy a 7.5x55 snap cap and I figure it would work, but I won't guarantee it.

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