• 1944 Canadian Telescope, Observing, Sniper's Cmk1

    1944 Canadian Telescope, Observing, Sniper's Cmk1
    (Mfg by R.E.L "Research Enterprises Ltd.", Leaside Ontario, Canada

    c/w with Case, Telescope Observing Snipers and Stand, Instrument Cno47mk1

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    Canadian Telescope, Observing, Sniper's Cmk1

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    Note: Article and pictures of telescope provided courtesy of MILSURPS.COM member "stencollector"

    Late in the war, Research Enterprises Ltd (REL) was given the project of manufacturing a replacement for the Telescope, Scout Regiment, which dated back to the Great War. The telescopes were part of the CES for the Enfield no4mk1(T) sniper rifles. By the time the new telescope was ready for production, the British had deleted the telescope requirement and instead substituted binoculars. Canada ordered 500 for it's own use, along with 500 of the unique folding telescope stands.

    The telescope was a single draw type with a sunshade. External surfaces were covered with an olive colored vinylite and the scope was rated at 25X power, with an adjustable eyepiece. The waterproofing of the telescope was thought to be superior to the Scout Regt Scope.

    It featured a unique carrying case which held the telescope in place by rubber blocks. Tightening the large wing screw on the end tightened the caps together to form a moisture proof container. The container was also coated in the olive vinylite. A similar case was shown in the Enfield parts manual as issued for the Cno67 rifle scopes (carrying case, Cno19mk1) and post war, for the FNC1 sniper scope.

    Both the telescopes and carrying cases were uniquely serial numbered, although it does not appear that attempts were made to match the scopes and cases. In the examples shown, the telescope is serial # 180-C while the case is serial # 405-C. The telescope shown was dated 1944 while the case was dated 1945. Despite reports that the telescopes were for Canadian service, and not accepted into British service, both items have the British Broad arrow property mark.

    The Stand, Instrument, Cno47MK. 1 Was also built by REL and designed to fold up and fit within the standard 37 pattern utility pouch. The stand includes a fine elevation adjustment, while any course adjustments merely slip past the adjuster. The utility pouch shown is the longer Mk3 pouch, meant for the sten magazines. The standard pouch was slightly shorter.

    Stands observed have been in the dark olive green color, as well as in a much lighter leaf green. The stands observed in the leaf green have appeared un-issued and may be later production or refurbishment.

    More detailed information on these telescope's can be found in Clive Law's book "Without Warning". While Mr. Law's booklet states that the telescopes were too late for wartime use, the telescope photographed here came from Holland, where it was reported as being gifted by a Canadian to a local wartime photographer at the end of hostilities.

    Estimated Value: In the past 2 years, at least 5 of these telescopes have sold through eBay. Prices for the telescopes have ranged from a low of about $650 US, to a high of around $1500 US. One telescope was also sold in pieces, and sold for over $300. With a production of only 500, they should be considered rare.

    Collector's Comments and Feedback:

    1. MILSURPS.COM member ~Angel~ also has in her collection, a 1944 REL C Mk1 Sniper Observers Scope complete set, which we thought would be a good addition to stencollector's MKL entry here. With only 500 sets manufactured, we now know where at least two of the are. ...... (Feedback by "Badger")

    1944 REL C Mk1 Sniper Observers Scope Serial # 203-C
    1945 REL Carrying Case Serial # 248-C
    1945 REL Stand, Instrument C.No.47.Mk.1 Serial # 306-C
    (Mfg by R.E.L "Research Enterprises Ltd.", Leaside Ontario, Canada)

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    1944 REL C Mk1 Sniper Observers Scope Serial # 203-C

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    1. AX201201's Avatar
      The Stand, Instrument C. No. 47 Mk. I as manufactured by Research Enterprises Limited is designed with folding legs that can be placed in two "height" lengths. When the folding legs are placed in the first, or lower profile, the articulated centre post is dropped and swung to the side.

      As the comments section does not appear to permit attachments, I will post an image elsewhere.
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    1. Major Bob's Avatar
      To add further to the knowledge library , the new edition of the fine book '' without warning '' confirms that there was a canvas pouch especialy designed for and issued for the stand C no 47 Mk 1.

      I own such a pouch and will post a picture as soon as i am asked and told where to post it.

      The picture in Clive's book is mine as well as the pouch.

      Thank-you Clive for publishing it.
    1. Badger's Avatar
      We'd be interested in hearing about the source of the new edition you mention?

      The last edition we're aware of was published in 2004...

      Clive indicated to me that there wasn't going to be an updatr?

      Without Warning - Canadian Sniper Equipment of the 20th Century, Clive M. Law, 88 pages, 140 ill.

      Publisher: Service Publications (2004)
      Language: English
      ISBN-10: 1894581164
      ISBN-13: 978-1894581165

    1. Major Bob's Avatar
      Hello Doug,

      I am away from home right now for a while and on an isolated military base. Upon my return, I will find the page and the edition. Cheers. Robert

      Canadian REL observer’s scope and No 47C instrument bag
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