• On-line Service Record Searches (Library and Archives Canada)


    1. Library and Archives Canada Searches: Once you locate a soldier's record, make sure you also "mouse click" on the small icon that looks like a piece of paper. It's his actual scanned service record. After you have "clicked" to enlarge them, you should use "right click" on the pic to bring up a drop down menu and select the "Save Picture As..." option. To best view them, load them up in a picture viewer and ZOOM in to enlarge them further. If you don't, you won't be able to read the small type face. Some of the pages are clearer than others, so you might have the best luck by printing them while enlarged, then reading them from printed hard copy later

    2. Commonwealth War Graves Registry Searches: Enter the SURNAME (last name) of the soldier you're searching for. Enter the first initial ONLY of his first name. If you use his full first name, it won't find anything. A single initial is enough to find all casualties who have that letter as the first of multiple initials. A second initial can be entered, but separate the two initials with a space. Do not use full stops or put a space after the second initial. Initials in the wrong order, or the wrong initials (for instance, B for Bill when the first name is actually William), will mean the required record is missed. After that, select any other fields you want, such as War, Year of Death, Force, Nationality, although you have a good chance of finding a person with just the SURNAME and first initial.

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