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Thread: What is the Milsurps Video Club?

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    Question What is the Milsurps Video Club?

    Welcome to the Milsurps Video Club

    In simple terms, this is an area where you can view many of the more interesting videos from across the Internet, located by our members. They’re gathered from multiple sources such as 5min.com, Blip.tv, Break.com, Collegehumor.com, Dailymotion.com, Funnyordie.com, Gametrailers.com, Hulu.com, Justin.tv, Metacafe.com, MySpace.com, Ustream.tv, Veoh.com, Vimeo.com, Screen.Yahoo.com and YouTUBE.com.

    All of the videos are categorized and although members could go to each of the many sites listed above and view the same videos there, the big advantage is that members never have to leave our site, in order to view them, as they’re aggregated here under one area. New additional categories may be added as the video club content grows.

    How the Video Club operates is quite simple…

    1. Videos that are about race, religion, overt sexual content, or any other offensive material, as well the politics of firearms ownership or the practices and policies of various governments attempting to control them, are NOT PERMITTED. If you wish to discuss the latter then please read this thread titled Where can I discuss politics and gun legislation issues? (click here).

    2. Any video that we receive a complaint about from either one of our members, or an external source, will be investigated and deleted if found to be inappropriate.

    3. Videos may be viewed by all members except that ONLY Contributing Members (click here) and Advisory Panelicon may add new videos for viewing.

    4. All videos are pre-screened by the Video Club Administrator (click here), prior to appearing in the Video Club. If approved, the video will appear and if rejected it will not. In either case, members will receive a PM (Private Message) from the Video Administrator, advising them as to its status. Please allow a few days for approval, as the Video Administrator is not on the site 24 hours per day.

    5. If you find a video you try to play and there's no video because it's been removed at the source Internet site etc., then please send a PM (Private Message) to Video Club Administrator (click here) notifying him which video it is, so he can remove or edit it.

    6. If you're posting a video and you get a browser error indicating that our site "timed out" during that process, simply click the back arrow on your browser to return to the previous web page. Once there, re-submit the video again.

    7. Comments (and “likes”) may be posted about each video by ALL members.

    8. Make sure you turn ON your computer's sound system and adjust the volume up or down to hear each video properly!

    As use of the Video Club evolves, new rules may be added and some conditions of access may change.

    We hope you enjoy the addition of the Video Club to the Military Surplus Collectors Forums.

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