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This site was created to provide basic information on the many variations of the Lee-Enfield rifle, with particular emphasis placed on pictorial references. Descriptions combined with images to illustrate the sometimes-subtle differences between the many versions of these rifles. Using images this site also attempts to assist those that are interested in these rifles to understand some of the cryptic stamps and markings found on them. Often a particular rifles history may be loosely mapped out by reading these markings. Other pages provide the history behind the development of the Lee action, the Lee-Enfield rifle and the .303 British cartridge. Technical pages are also included to aid the collector/owner in maintaining, accurizing and restoring these remarkable rifles.

Without a doubt, the subject of the Enfield rifle is so diverse and expansive that it is difficult to present in one simple package. As such, this is only one of many sites covering the world of the Enfield and I would urge you to search the internet as it will point the way to many other Enfield related sites and videos. For those that are looking for books I would highly recommend Ian Skennertonís or Skip Strattonís series of books on the subject.

The aim of this site is to offer historically correct information regarding these rifles, great care has been taken to ensure that what is presented is factually correct. For this I must thank Dr. Roger Payne, Ian Skennerton, (the late) Skip Stratton, Warren Wheatfield and a host of other individuals who have graciously shared information and personal images from their own prized collections. The depth of this site would not have been possible without the help from these countless individuals. I have tried in every case where this information is displayed to credit those that have offered it for all to see.

On a final note, I would like to thank Doug (Badger) and the staff at for offering to host these pages online. Announcement Click HERE

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Introduction - Basic Enfield Identification and the Facts about Serial Numbers
How to roughly identify the four most common Enfields and the simple facts on Enfield serial numbers.

Part One - General History
Information on the history of the Enfield, 303 British cartridge, stamps, markings and production codes.

Part Two - Technical Information
General characteristics and operation, parts, disassembly, exploded views, care, cleaning and restoration.

Part Three - Marksmanship Information
Sights, zeroing, stock bedding, trigger adjustment and accurizing. Illustration of a Parkerís Rifle Shots Register booklet.

Part Four - Rifle Pages
Descriptions and images of various common and uncommon Enfields dating from 1888 to 1974.

Part Five - Sub-Caliber Training Rifles
Details on some of the .22 caliber Lee-Enfield models used for training purposes.

Part Six - Sporterized Enfields
Illustrations of various Enfields that were modified for hunting and some of the commercially built Enfields designed for the civilian market.

Part Seven Ė Featured Enfields
A showcase of other collectorís Enfields from around the world.

Part Eight - Bayonets
Illustrations of the bayonets for the No1, No3, No4 and No5 Rifles.

Glossary of Enfield Terminology
Short list of common abbreviations found when dealing with Enfields.

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