Part Two - Technical Information


Armourers Tools Page 1

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Lee Action - Trigger, Bolt, Safety, Headspacing, Rifling and Barrel Threading

No1 Rifle Specifications

No4 Rifle Specifications

No5 Rifle Specifications

No1 Rifle Exploded View

No1 Rifle Exploded View (Large Frame)

No4 Rifle Exploded View

No4 Rifle Exploded View (Large Frame)

No5 Rifle Exploded View

No5 Rifle Exploded View (Large Frame)

Detailed Stripping of the No4 MkI and MkI* Rifles

Cleaning Refinishing and Restoration

Ancillary Equipment

Slings and Chargers

Pull Through's, Bore Patches, Cleaning Funnels, Wire Gauze, Oil Bottles, Drill Rounds and Blanks

Bore Viewer, Wire Breakers and Wire Cutters

Raven Rocks