Part Five - Sub-Caliber Training Rifles

The use of .22 caliber rifles for military training was adopted for several reasons. Mainly, it was far more economical and could be accomplished using shorter distance ranges, specifically indoor ranges. This would allow small Home Guard or Militia (Reserve) units to train in musketry right in their own hometown. Over the years, England made good use of the .22 rimfire rifle. For certain, there were far more variants of the sub calibre .22 than its mentor the .303. Covered in this section are some of the variants of the Lee-Enfield .22 caliber training rifles. Though for those with a serious interest in the sub-caliber field I would suggest visiting the Historic Arms Resource Center Miniature-Calibre Rifle Reference Site (HARC-MCRRS), this site has far more detailed and in-depth information regarding the history and development of the Lee trainers.

The Pattern 18 (An A.G. Parker conversion known as the .303 cum .22)

The .22 Short Rifle, Pattern 14, No1

The Parker-Hiscock

No2 MkIV*

C No 7

.22 Caliber No5 Trial Rifle

No8 MkI Rifle

Swift Training Rifle

The SMLE 1903-1989