The .22 Short Rifle, Pattern 14, No1

Following are the images of a .22 Short Rifle Pattern 14, No1, converted by A.G. Parker from a 1905 Enfield SMLE Converted II (Cond II) rifle. This rifle is more than a little unusual in that the action is not actually a Cond II, but rather a new made SMLE I action. Cond II rifles were converted from previous Magazine Lee-Enfield (MLE) rifles and had the charger guide riveted to the action. This is a new made receiver! Interesting, and it has been inspected by "those who know". It is a case of using up new actions fitted with Cond II pieces, bolt, fore-end etc. This does still posses the cut-off and the bolthead charger guide.

Left-side view of buttsocket, also seen, the volley sight iris.

Right-side view of the receiver.

Left-side view of receiver.

Bolthead mounted charger guide. Face of bolthead with charger guide.

Butt showing unit disc, D/|\ (Australian government ownership stamping). Early type sling swivel.

A.G. Parker of Birmingham stamp along with the .22 Patt 14 No1 stamping on the right side of the buttsocket.

A clear picture illustrating the long range dial and pointer. Notice the early style sling swivel screws (solid, not hollow like the SMLE), also the position of the rear sight guard ears.

The nose cap and piling swivel.

The muzzle showing the pressed & fitted .22 caliber sleeve.

Close-up of the rear sight. Note the 25-yard marker on the right side of range bar.

Images courtesy of Lewis Maynard

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