.22 Caliber No5 Trial Rifle

This trial rifle manufactured by BSA Shirley, ultimately became the .22 Cal No8 Rifle, although not before a number of significant changes. The .22 Cal No5 rifle was designed as a small bore target competition rifle as opposed to the traditional .22 caliber training rifles of the past that attempted to duplicate the features of their big bore counterparts. Its design was based, as suggested in its name, around the No5 Rifle. However, that is where the similarities pretty much end.

    The rifle in original form consists of a:
  1. 1. No4 rifle butt, checkered at the wrist,
  2. 2. A slightly shorter No5 rifle fore-end,
  3. 3. A No5 type handguard, but grooved like the early No4 rifle handguards,
  4. 4. A No1 Rifle style magazine modified to accept a 5 round .22 cal box magazine or a platform for single loading,
  5. 5. A micrometer backsight graduated for 25, 50 and 100 yards complete with windage adjustment and multiple aperture selection through a rotating disc. Tube style front sight with interchangeable discs, and
  6. 6. A number of internal bolt and trigger differences.

These rifles will display the M47C and 1945 stamping on the left-hand buttsocket and the serial number will be prefixed by T1. Serial numbers ranged from 0001 to 0102.

Images courtesy of Warren

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