Glossary of Enfield Terminology

RSAF - Royal Small Arms Factory

ROF - Royal Ordnance Factory

RSAF Enfield - Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield Lock, England

RSAF Sparkbrook - Royal Small Arms Factory, Birmingham, England

ROF Fazakerley - Royal Ordnance Factory, Liverpool, England

ROF Maltby - Royal Ordnance Factory, Rotherham, England

LSA Co. - London Small Arms, London, England

SSA - Standard Small Arms Factory, Birmingham, England

NRF - National Rifle Factory, Birmingham, England

BSA (BSA Co) - Birmingham Small Arms Company, Birmingham, England

Lithgow - Small Arms Factory, Australia

LB - Small Arms Limited, Long Branch, Ontario, Canada

SAL - Small Arms Limited, Long Branch, Ontario, Canada (pre 1946)

CAL or CA - Canadian Arsenals Limited, Long Branch, Ontario, Canada (post 1946)

Savage Stevens - Small Arms Factory, Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts, USA

RFI - Ishapore Small Arms Factory, Bengal, India

POF - Pakistan Ordnance Factory, Wah, Pakistan

MLM - Magazine Lee-Metford

MLE - Magazine Lee-Enfield

Long Lee - Since the MLM and MLE rifles are 49.5 inches long overall, they are often referred to informally as "Long Lees."

Long Toms – slang for Long Lee Enfields

LEC - Lee-Enfield Carbine

RIC - Royal Irish Constabulary

CLLM - Charger-Loading Lee-Metford

CLLE - Charger-Loading Lee-Enfield

SMLE - Short Magazine Lee-Enfield (pre 1926 designation of a No1 rifle).

Sht LE - Short Lee-Enfield

ConD - Converted

No – Number (primary designator of an arm post 1926 i.e.: Rifle, No1, No2 etc...).

Mk – Mark (designates a significant modification to an existing arm but not sufficient enough to warrant a new Number class).

* - Pronounced “star” (indicates a minor modification to an existing arm)

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