Part Six - Sporterized Enfields

These pages include homemade and commercial sporters. In the twenty odd years after World War Two, sporterizing military rifles was a lucrative business. Many ex-servicemen preferred the military rifle for hunting as they were familiar with them and they were relatively cheap to buy. The most recent trend in military rifles has been on collecting or owning original or full wood military rifles. This has spawned a new interest in arms dealers to rebuild, refurbish or reinvent military rifles. Offering completely refinished military rifles; some in original configuration and some cobbled together with a mix of parts.

This is a small sampling of what was done in the past and what is being done in the present. Simply put, there should be an Enfield out there to suit anyone's taste.

Sporterized Lee-Enfields

Golden State Arms - Santa Fe Sporter

Gibbs Rifle Company - Bulldog No1 MkIII*

BDL Ltd.