• 1917 No.1 MkII Wire Cutter for ShtLE Rifle

    1917 No.1 MkII Wire Cutter for ShtLE Rifle
    (Mounted on Canadian issued 1918 No.1 MkIII* Cdn ShtLE)

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    1917 No.1 MkII Wire Cutter

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    Note: Video and pics of 1917 No.1 MkII Wire Cutter provided courtesy of MILSURPS.COM member ~Angel~.

    Here's some videos demonstrating the general operation of the 1917 No.1 MkII Wire Cutter. Watch how the steel cutting jaws close as the cutter rotates about the axis of the rifle. If not careful, they're still sharp enough to the touch to cut someone. Read a more detailed explanation below under Collector Comments and Feedback, from MILSURPS.COM member "Warren", as to how these wire cutters were used in action.

    Note: The wire cutter is shown mounted on a Canadian issued 1918 No.1 MkIII* ShtLE rifle.

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    Right Side Operational View

    Left Side Operational View

    Collector Comments and Feedback:

    1. How the Enfield rifle cutter works: .... you "pick up the wire" on the top of the bayonet and the wire slides down the back of the blade into the "jaws". You continue pushing with the rifle so that the axis of rotation is below the pivot point. The jaws pivot to the rear and then the jaws close cutting the wire. Once the wire is cut, the "cutter" re-arms and is ready for the next wire. This is all done in stride. They really do work as my father in law's barb wire fence can attest. All I can say is the reason so few survived is IF you got that close to the wire, you were DEAD !!!!!

    The Ross rifle cutter was the opposite in that you hooked the wire and pulled back. The Ross had a leather 'gaiter" around the forend to hang onto so your hand would not slip on the wood. I think I have one of only a few Ross wire cutters known to survive...but, with Lee Enfields and Ross rifles you are NEVER sure.

    (Feedback by "Warren")
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