• Brazilian Model 1935 Mauser Rifle (Mfg by Mauser-Werke A.G. Oberndorf a/N.)

    Brazilian Model 1935 Mauser Rifle
    (Mfg by Mauser-Werke A.G. Oberndorf a/N.)

    "Unfired, all matching serial numbers, including bayonet and scabbard"

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    Caliber: ........................ 7 x 57mm (7mm Mauser)
    Rifling & Twist: .............. 4 groove, right hand twist.
    Barrel Length: ............... 28.75 in. (730mm)
    Overall Length: ............. 49.25 in. (1252mm)
    Weight: ........................ 10 lb. (4.54Kg)
    Magazine Capacity: ....... 5 rounds
    Qty Mfg: ....................... unknown?

    Source: ........................ Mauser Military Rifles of the World (2nd ed.) (2000) - ISBN: 087341828X

    Canadian Collector Market Value Estimate: $

    Brazilian Model 1935 Mauser Rifle

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    Observations: (by "Claven2")
    Note: Pics of rifle provided courtesy of MILSURPS.COM Administrator "Badger".

    In the 1920's and 1930's the Brazilian armed forces were looking to supplement their supplies or small arms with new rifles. Considerable qualntities of model 1922 Carbines had been procured for the cavalry and artillery from Fabrique National in Belgium (c. 1922-1924). The democratic Brazilian government was overthrown in 1930 by Governor Getulio Vargas who proclaimed "O Estado Novo", modelled after the Fascist government of Mussolini's Italy (though this government sided with the Allies in WW2 and democracy was restored in 1945). The revolutionary period also saw the order of approximately 15,000 VZ24 short rifles from Czechoslovakia, but the bulk of the armed forces was still drawing upon stocks of Model 1908 long rifles supplied by DWM and Mauser before the First World War. Mauser, which at the time was secretly building production capacity for Hitler's Third Reich offered to fill a contract to supply Brazil with the new Mauser Modelo 1935 long rifle. It became, alongside the Modelo 1908, the standard infantry rifle for the Brazilian Army in 1935. The rifles were produced in both long (49.25" OAL) and short (42.0" OAL) lengths by Mauser-Werke A.G. Oberndorf A/N.

    The Modelo 1935 is, in most respects, identical to the Modelo 1908 already in service - which in turn is very similar to the Gewehr 1898 of the First World War, the main difference being that the German Lange-Vizier sights were substituted for the same tangent sights utilized on the Modelo 1908. There are some very minor dimensional differences between the M1935 and the M1908. The M1935's barrel is 0.5" shorter and the overall length is slightly longer. The Modelo 1935 is also fitted with grasping grooves on the forearm while the M1908 is not and it makes use of a much wider barrel band. Essentially, however, they are the same basic rifle which offered an advantage to the Brazilian military as a new training program for the rifle would not be needed.

    Interestingly, many of the Modelo 1935 rifles saw very little use, quite a few remained unissued when they were surplused. The same can be said of the Modelo 1908 rifles. The worst of both rifles were later rebuilt into M954 .30-06 Mausers at Brazil's Itajuba Arsenal in the 1950's, so truely abused examples are not very common on the surplus market.

    Collector's Comments and Feedback:

    1.The M1935, like the M1908 Brazillian Mauser, is considered to represent one of the very finest examples of old-world German arms manufacturing. The rifles were finished to the highest grade and designed to last for generations in the service of Brazil's armed forces. In one form or another, these rifles stayed in service well into the 1950’s, though a considerable number reached the surplus market in unissued condition – presumably having been stored as war reserve materiel. The best examples are sometimes found with a serial numbered matching bayonet.

    M1935 Mausers have become somewhat scarce on the secondary market of late. In past decades, the M1935 action was a favorite of gunsmiths building high-end custom sporting rifles due to the more modern metallurgy of the Modelo 1935 and its high build quality. This contributes to the rarity of surviving examples.

    It is important to differentiate between an original Modelo 1935 Mauser as depicted, and any of the later adaptations using the M1935 receiver put together from worn rifles by the Itajuba Arsenal in Brazil. Such examples command a much lower price on the collector’s market.
    ......... (Feedback by "Claven2")
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      Hi there, I've just been offered a number matching 1935 Brazilian. It appears to be in immaculate shape . Any idea how much I should offer?

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