• M84 Sniper Telescope - Repair Services and Parts

    M84 Sniper Telescope - Repair Services and Parts

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    2. Thought I would drop you a line about a Canadian guy who fixed/overhauled mine. It originally had, what I believe was some mold or stuff on the inside lens. He did a super job of cleaning and servicing.

    It came back and I could not tell that it had been opened or touched. The inside was as new. And I subsiquently sent him a couple more on behalf of a few friends that also owned M1Ds. They all came back without any signs of being opened, but all new inside.

    It was a while ago, and I think it was $50ea for the service.

    Here is his info;

    Harvey Trace
    New Norway, Alberta
    Canada T0B3L0



    Hope this is of assistance. .....
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    Update ...

    Apparently. Harvey's son has taken over the business.

    His contact information is:

    Phil Hope
    Trace Scope Repair
    PO Box 33009 No. 8-20
    Panatella Blvd. N.W. Calgary AB.
    T3K 1A1
    Ph. No. (403) 295-1534

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