• James Sweet’s (1954 Edition) Competitive Rifle Shooting

    Complete 1954 edition of James Sweet’s “Competitive Rifle Shooting”

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    UPDATE: Although this book was original published over 50 years ago in 1954, we have been advised that it may once again be commercially available again in print format from the author's daughter, Linda Sweet. She indicates her father died in 1992 and therefore under our Canadian laws, copyright passes to his estate and is valid for 50 years following his death. Therefore, we have temporarily suspended the download of this library article, while we check its copyright and public domain status to ensure there's no infringement. We apologize to the membership for any inconvenience during this process.

    Note: Original PDF file of complete book provided courtesy of MILSURPS.COM member Ed Horton (click here). Ed respectfully requests that other members contribute anything they might have in return.

    Observations: by Badger

    The complete 1954 edition of James Sweet’s “Competitive Rifle Shooting”, AKA The Black Arts of Bedding the SMLE in its entirety (Australian Publication)

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