• Blueprints for Chest S.A. No.15 Mk1

    Blueprints for Chest S.A. No.15 Mk1
    For Rifles No.4 with telescope and case
    Author: Department of Defence
    Format: Blueprints December 9th, 1941 with revisions through to May 7th, 1945

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    Note: Original complete set of blueprints provided courtesy of MILSURPS.COM member Kev G (click here).

    Copyright ©2006 - 2010 by Kev G and MILSURPS.COM
    Observations: by Badger

    Blueprints for Chest S.A. No.15 Mk1

    This complete set of technical blueprint drawings are for Chest S.A. No.15 Mk for Rifles No.4 with telescope and case. The originals appeared to have been created about December 9th, 1941 and they include revisions through to May 7th, 1945

    Collector's Comments and Feedback:

    1. With thanks to member mudpuppy, you'll find an updated and excellent companion article to this one titled Mechanical Blueprints and Specifications for the Enfield No.4 Mk1(T) Sniper Rifle (click here), also located in the Technical Articles for Milsurp Collectors and Re-loaders (click here).

    Low quality pics shown below for illustrative purposes only

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    Due to the poor quality of the originals, some of the drawings were challenging to read the very small print dimensions after digitizing, so Mudpuupy requested better quality versions from the "Pattern Room". Unfortunately, they weren't a lot better and as he wrote me, "I had to sit down with a caliper, my copies of the drawings, an original set of pads and rifle to confirm what was on the drawings. I edited the drawings and re-typed all the relevant information so it is clear now."

    The addition to his original article, which included drawings and specifications for the scope mount, pads, pad screws, thumb screws and cheekpiece, now provides these additional higher quality digitized images of the No.4(T) scope pads and their receiver mountings. Refer to Note #1 under the Collectors Comments and Feedback section of the article to obtain these new updated blueprint drawings. If you want to get the best images, download the PDF file versions and then use the Adobe PDF reader to "zoom in" and blow them up so you can read the fine dimensions and specs.
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