• Cal .30 M2 Carbine (1943 WWII U.S. Training Film)

    Cal .30 M2 Carbine (1943 WWII U.S. Training Film)

    This video is an official U.S. Army training film.

    This excellent video shows the unique design of the full automatic M2 Carbine and how it operates and functions. A live fire demonstration is conducted to compare the M2 with its Japanese counterpart, the Type 100 (一〇〇式機関短銃 Hyaku-shiki kikan-tanju) 8mm submachine gun. It also details the changes that were made to make the M1 fire in fully automatic mode.

    To view this video, press the PLAY button, or any area in the centre of the video window. Note the other optional video controls also available on the control bar located underneath the video screen. You may use the PAUSE and other buttons to adjust your personal viewing preferences, or click on the video itself to stop and start playback. Make sure you turn on your speakers and set the volume appropriately.

    Cal .30 M2 Carbine
    (WWII U.S. Training Film)
    Video length = 14 Minutes
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    1. michael pollack's Avatar
      I love my carbine.....Paid $20.00 from DCM about 40 or so years ago !!
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    1. painter777's Avatar
      A M2 with a Type II barrel band in 1943, interesting.
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