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    For Sale: PMD-6M INERT soviet mine

    Hi, I'm looking to sell my inert PMD-6M mine. Everything is authentic except the explosive which is wood with an authentically recreated wrapper and the blasting cap which is solid cast metal....
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    For Sale: Type 81 LMG 950$

    My brand new Type 81 LMG is going up for auction in Toronto. They ship to where ever in Canada. PM me for a link to the auction. Current bid is 925$
  3. I dated it and it comes from the St-Petersburg...

    I dated it and it comes from the St-Petersburg Cartridge factory and was made in the first quarter of 1885. My Russian skills were quite useful on this little research project hehe
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    For Sale: No9 Enfield blade bayonet

    POF No9 bayonet. Great condition. 99$ CAD + shipping

    Pm me for pictures or more info!

  5. I just took possession of a .43 berdan cartridge. How to I date it?

    It is stamped 5 1 8 p (n in cyrillic)

    Any info would be great!
  6. Looking to possibly convert a regular infantry M91/30 to a PU sniper

    How hard would it actually be to accomplish? I can't really afford an authentic PU sniper atm but I have contacts in the former Eastern bloc that can source me the bolt, scope and scope mount for a...
  7. For Sale: Carl Gustav 8.4 cm recoilless rifle sight mount

    Carl Gustav 8.4 cm recoilless rifle sight mount. Looks to be in unused condition. Received in a lot of surplus items but I don't collect Swedish surplus. Feel free to message me for more info!
  8. For Sale: Husqvarna 1907 barrel bushing with serial number 1664

    I've seen quite a few of these go for more than 25$ but I'm willing to part with it for 20$ plus shipping. If you have anything to trade (Russian or British items especially), PM me!

  9. I can't find the Shoot to Kill PDF.. Do you have...

    I can't find the Shoot to Kill PDF.. Do you have a link?
  10. Military targets used during rifle training

    Does anyone have a picture or pdf of the targets used by either the Canadian or British forces for rifle training with the No4 rifle? I found the cadet's version used with the No7 rifle but I can't...
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    WTB: No9 enfield bayonet

    Looking for a good condition bayonet to fit my No4 rifle!


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    Sticky: Hi all

    I had no idea this site existed! I feel like I'm heaven ;) It reminds me so much of CanadaGunNutz but for milsurps!

    Love it and hope to have some interesting convos in the future with some of...
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