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    Ovidio, thank you for the information about my...

    Ovidio, thank you for the information about my Uncle Otto Vido.

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    question for Ovidio on Italian medals

    My mother's sister married a man from Trieste who was in the Italian Navy on a small motor boat in 1918. The boat hit a mine and everyone who was still alive, had to swim until they found them. ...
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    S-A 7-40 dated M1 Rifle barrels

    I have seen over the years some S-A 7-40 and S-A 8-40 dated barrels around on rifles but never just the early barrel by itself.

    These early barrels were used in both new production rifles and the...
  4. Before the final inspection at the end army basic...

    Before the final inspection at the end army basic training, I told my Squad Leader that I could take apart the trigger housing
    group for cleaning. I just needed a nail, they found one and I took...
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    anyone remember Victoria Trading inc

    I found an old 1995 catalog from Victoria Trading, really interesting to look at now. I did some business with them, they were expensive on certain items but really had some un-common parts and...
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    US Navy armed yacht USS Zircon PY-16

    George Fisher ( Detroit, Michigan) built automotive bodies for General Motors and had a large yacht built for himself in 1929. In 1940. Fisher donated his yacht to the US Navy for the war effort. ...
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    posting photos that were lost of 222 Rem-Spcial and 224 Winchester

    The 222 Remington Special was a Stoner design and tested during 1954-56, this became the Rem 223 and military 5,56mm (there is a slight difference between these two cartridges).

    The 224 E2...
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    The C104 is steel lot code, WMH is listed under...

    The C104 is steel lot code, WMH is listed under Springfield Armory but could have been at Rock
    Island too, no dates were provided
  9. Winchester WW2 serial numbers on M1 rifles

    Winchester kept records of the date & year that M1 rifle receivers were stamped with their serial numbers. Canfield's book on the M1 Rifle has a listing of these Winchester serial numbers.
  10. Thread: Crikey I'm Tired ?

    by RCS

    Siamese female twins

    I took these photos at a pet store while buying a bed for my Black cat Leo. I could here the howling as I walked in the store, these two siamese twin sisters were howling for someone to open the...
  11. Years ago I recall looking at what was called...

    Years ago I recall looking at what was called "lunchbox specials" all of them were not finished with the machine operations
    nor serial numbered. The weapons were unfinished 1903A3 receiver and at a...
  12. My stock used on 606103

    The only DAL carouched stock that was available for my restoration is a US Navy marked stock and also have a shovel cover from the same Battleship too123217
  13. Restoration of low serial numbered Model 1903 rifle

    I had posted this sometime before but lost the photos. This started out about 15 or 20 years ago as a Springfield low numbered receiver (no Hatcher hole) with a Rock Island RIA 5-18 dated barrel...
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    model Gatling gun

    Received this Model of the Colt 1883 Gatling gun as a gift some years ago. When you turn the crank handle, the barrels rotate just like the original. I need to make an ejection port in the side and...
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    M1 Garand Model for kids

    A friend that collects models (all kinds) gave me this kit about twenty five years ago. i think this kit was from the 1960's time period. This company also made a Winchester Model 1894 carbine and ...
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    fake barrel date

    can you spot the fake dated barrel ?123078123077123076
  17. you are correct, the photo showing the headstamps...

    you are correct, the photo showing the headstamps has the old/original 44 Colt third in line (note the headstamp and primer) while the profile has the 44 Colt far right

    I have corrected my...
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    Scott Duff's WW2 Book on the M1 rifle states that...

    Scott Duff's WW2 Book on the M1 rifle states that the revision 19 bolt was not used until early 1945.

    The first M1 rifle in his data that shows a revision 19 bolt is serial number 3,354,523

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    The early fake barrels were advertised from a...

    The early fake barrels were advertised from a company in North Carolina, first they sold nothing but fake Winchester barrels.
    I would bet these barrels are still on rifles. Dick Deane did a short...
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    Springfield 1940 dated barrels

    All 1940 dates are on the rare list, one of the most difficult to find (besides S-A 6-40 and S-A 7-40) is the S-A 11-40.

    A nice S-A 10-40 with a nice bore and without chrome at the gas port...
  21. difference between 44 S&W American and 44 Colt cartridges

    My friend in California told me these two cartridges were almost the same ! I told that is not correct as the S&W top break revolvers required a large diameter rim for extraction while the Colt 44...
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    First M1 rifle gas port barrel dated S-A 6-40

    The first M1 rifle barrels to have a date (month & year) were the gas port barrels manufactured in June 1940. Note: these are very rare to find now and less than half a dozen are known to survive. ...
  23. London Proof on M1 Rifles

    You can also find the London Proof on M1 rifles before, within and after the original group of 38,000 Lend Lease rifle serial number range.

    Like the BNP these London Proofs can be located in the...
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    My Springfield s/n 2770090

    They always say buy the gun not the story, in this case, i bought the story. My friend who helps his brother-in-law with estate sales in Wisconsin, found a single shot 22 rim fire, a shotgun and a...
  25. Lend Lease M1 Rifles

    Most advanced collectors want rifles from the first batch of around 38,000 rifles, these have the BNP proofs at the rear of the barrel where the date is stamped. There is also a letter near this...
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