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Thread: My last Ditch rifle..

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    Quote Originally Posted by stryker View Post
    A few years ago I was given two last ditch Arisakas; Wooden butt plates, loose bolts, rough stocks, the whole bit. Surprisingly, they included dust covers and monopods. Back then, Arisakas were a dime a dozen, and last ditch "clunkers" seemingly had no value. I gave them away. One more thing to add to my "What was I thinking!" list. (that list includes walking away from a 1941 Johnson for $1500!)

    That last sentence resonates with me. Same thing happened to me about 12 years ago but I bought the Johnson, including original bayonet w/leather scabbard. Still have it. Just don't ask about the Type 99 Sniper w/o scope that I didn't buy for $195. We all have our "Oh Crap" memories.

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