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Thread: Berger Loading Manual & my 6.5 x 284

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    Berger Loading Manual & my 6.5 x 284

    Brought the new Berger manual the other week and looked up the section on the VLD bullets.
    They gave a ladder test of sorts with how to find the sweet spot for them very fast they stated that one group will stand out from all the rest.
    Depending on whether you jam or jump the projies sets what you load I jam them sometimes so chose that ladder which stated load 24 rounds 6 of ea with these measurements to ogive.

    10 thou Jam, 30 thou Jump, 70 Thou jump & 110 Thou jump so I did that cut some splatter targets down (Aim small miss small) set it up at 100 yards shot of a bench rear bag Farely rest magnum base.
    So you fire 3 shots no altering just same POA going for a group at each target as you can see from my results I did not worry about the second 110 jump waste of ammo and 6.5 x 284's are not easy on barrels so 10 Jm = 10 thou jam 30 Jp = 30 thou jump & so on.

    Load was Berger 140gn VLD Lap case Fed 210 & 48.9gns RE-19 in my cut & re-chambered HART barrel with a 1500 round count. (from 30" down to 27" had 2" if fire cracking at the chamber its my shorts barrel anyway)
    Of the groups 30 thou stands out like things on a male dog. (See Target pic ~ orange center circle is 12mm in diameter.)

    In the manual they say people alter them 10 thou trying to find the sweet spot they suggest do this test then alter .002 ~ .005 either way I jagged the 28 thou as I was originally jumping the Bergers 10 thou but then read an article on them & went to 30 jump then tried them at 28 thou and bingo a precise and accurate load (Bryan Litz's term.).
    Also I tried the same load with the 140gn Nosler RDF's with about the same result infact the Noslers shot (at 500m last week) were .2 MOA flatter than the bergers.
    The new Berger manual is a must have if your shooting Bergers 10 years in the making but it is damn well worth the monies.....

    I also as well today conducted from a program a OCW = optimal charge weight but its a pretty long winded test and loading.
    What it determines is a 3 load set that the rifle will group so if your charge has varied by .3gn either way then you will still be very close to the POI of the optimal weight charge.
    I may explain it a bit later for those whom are interested.

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