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Thread: Help reading Swiss Troop Tag from a 96/11.

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    Help reading Swiss Troop Tag from a 96/11.

    It goes DOB, Name, Unit, City, Address.

    DOB: 1898
    Name: Felix ?
    Unit: ?
    City: Vallorve
    Address: Rue Gare 35.

    Still need to figure out the unit and last name, any help?

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    I just wanted to let you know you aren't being ignored. I think everyone sees the same thing you do.

    Knowing which language it is in might be a head start. Italianicon, Frenchicon and Germanicon are all spoken there. I would guess it is NOT German, but I can't say that with certainty.

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    I'd wager the family name is Grobitz. I really can't decipher the unit.
    The address should be ok.
    Rue Gare 35, Vallorbe. Frenchicon Switzerlandicon. Directly on the border.
    Means Station Road.
    I'll try to find out which units are or were stationed there.
    34a cp., btg. Susa, 3^ rgt. Alpini

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    Family Name and Unit in Troop tag

    Ifd I read it correctly, the family name could be "Grobéty", a name sometimes found in the french part of Switzerlandicon. The unit designation, short "Dét. Destr. 4", would be "Détachement Déstruction 4". Youi could translate this as "Destruction Unit 4", a small unit responsible for one or more of the objects like bridges or difficult street passages prepared to be destroyed by explosion, if the enemy was about to reach it and take it.

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