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Thread: My real Chinese Type 56 M22, full auto, full stock, milled forged receiver AK-47.

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    My real Chinese Type 56 M22, full auto, full stock, milled forged receiver AK-47.

    I've had her for 16+ years. She's registered, fully functional, and transferrable. From what I can find on the inter-web, the first 2 digits in the serial number +55 = year of manufacture. Since her S/N = 10134XXX, by using the above formula she was made in 1965 (10 + 55). She's a mixed number piece that I took her in on trade. She looked so nice with original honest wear, I decided to hang on to her. She shoots fine. This is the second one of these I have ever seen. A buddy of mine picked his up about a year before I got mine. Mine is an original full auto, Triangle 66, China North Industries (Norinco), type M22 export ('L' & 'D' selector markings), Type 56 circa 1965.

    A few years ago during one of our Texas hot-as-hell summertime MG shoots, I bought this AK and my buddy brought his also. Two ethnic Chinese officers with Houston PD couldn't keep their hands off them. These AKs were all they wanted to shoot. So all day they played with the AKs and we got to play with their M249s. At the end of the day, everyone was satisfied.

    I was in contact with Frank Iannamico and we exchanged some information. He confirmed that this is indeed an M22 export version. Both he, and another well known weapons specialist, surmise it was a sales sample originally sent to a foreign government. Frank also confirmed that the recoil spring and rod assembly is an early Russianicon one. He said that this was not unusual as many early Chinese AKs often had Russian components. Frank also sent me a page from his 2nd edition AK book documenting some of the Russian proof marks found on the recoil spring rod.

    From Frank:

    Here are some pictures in no particular order:

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