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Thread: Popped the cherry...

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    Popped the cherry...

    Went to the range yesterday with about 5 new rifles I havenít had the chance to shoot yet including my new No4 Mk2. I didnít take a lot of ammo out for it, just enough to try and get a rough zero and see if it could shoot boat tails or if I needed to stick with flat base projectiles... Itíll take boat tails without issue so thatís good. Iím not really concerned with accuracy right now until I get a few hundred rounds thru the barrel, but I will say it seems to group very well. I was only zeroing at 25 yards and I know thatís a poor distance to gauge accuracy, but each 5 shot group was very tight. Unfortunately I was shooting 3Ē low using a ladder zero target. Unfortunately after going thru the math equation to figure out which sight I need it splits the difference evenly between a .045 and .030 front sight (the equation says I need a .037 front sight). I have a spare .045, so Iíll swap them out and see what I get.

    Anyway, Iím pleased overall with the rifle...

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    Quote Originally Posted by amadeus76 View Post
    It’ll take boat tails without issue so that’s good. I will say it seems to group very well.
    It should do both, it's an as new rifle isn't it? It's only once they're worn they scatter, usually...
    Regards, Jim

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    If you have a depth caliper buy a spare .045 & custom it by filing it down .008" but what I suggest is you wait till you get to the longer ranges to see exactly where it prints them as the higher BC modern projectiles fly flatter over the given ranges meaning you require a higher sight setting to achieve the POA/POI relationship.
    You cannot really get an indication of what's what a 25yds even when they were done at the factory they were machine rested at 100yds so get to grips with the longer ranges don't worry about swapping the front blade do the time get a drop chart for the most accurate load you have and go from there I am all for leaving a rifle stock standard this faffing around swapping blades is just not worth the effort IMHO.
    Put it this way you change your load for what ever reason your back to square one so whats to do swap the front sight again! or just carry on do more range card times by shooting it at the distances your going to shoot it at, the only use I have found for the 25 yard target is to get the windage bang on as thats what's on the sight adjuster the increments are for 25yds.

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