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Thread: Australian Machete Bayonet value assessment

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    Australian Machete Bayonet value assessment

    Hey guys,

    Just curious what the value of one of these would be in this condition?

    Need to get some second opinions on a sale...

    Also for those who are unsure as to what it is;

    It's an Australianicon Parachutist bayonet (or machete bayonet), they only made about 3500 of them and even less of the scabbard. They were intended as a dual use tool and started making them in 1944 but as far as I recall they never saw front line use as by time they got into the hands of the infantry the war was over.

    The serial number range started at 3000 so this one fits with it's 4 digit number, it also has the broad arrow and the correct Slaz 43 grips.

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    Machete bayonet

    The MkI pattern was sealed 24th April 1944 the hilt and grips were the same as the No.1 bayonet & interchangeable, it was intended to be used on the No.1 rifle and not, as has been suggested with the shortened, lightened rifle.
    A faint O A (Orange Arsenal) is often visible on the pommel, the 4 digit serial No. ranging from 3001 - 6412 putting total production at 3,142 units.
    At a conference at Lithgow in 24/01/1944 the figure was amended to 3,411 units
    13th March 1944 2472 sheaths were ordered
    31st July 1945 after trials by the 7th & 9th Australianicon Divisions a request was made to change the grips the MK.2 machete was introduced with composite material instead of wood.
    Upon its introduction the Mk.1 was declared obsolete although 2,250 were destined to be converted to Mk.2 configuration in early 1946 being returned to 3 BOD and 1,161 as Mk.1 configuration but it appears that the full scale configuration was not carried out.
    Source ~ Britishicon & Commonwealth Bayonets By Skennertonicon pages 284-5-6.

    The Mk.2 appearance of the handle grips (scales) resemble a No.7 type (my italics) as for price what ever a collector is willing to pay but it appears the blade has suffered some exposure affecting its value also not having the sheath drops it a bit but its still a desirable bayonet often called a "Smash-et-ee" they can range from low 4 - 500's up to 0000 figures again I stress its up to the buyer how much they are willing to pay.

    * Not getting the 2 dates in the book referenced that the pattern was sealed in April 1944 and yet the figures were amended in January 1944 pages 284 & 286!
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    Never saw one for less than $400 and rarely see them at all.

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