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Thread: SPH-4 questions

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    SPH-4 questions

    I'm trying to build up a (small) collection of Vietnam items (approx mid 60s to early/mid 70s). Well, some (all?) items have not been close to Vietnam, but they are from the correct period at least. I have a few helmets where one of them is a rather nice SPH-4 helmet from 1969 - but I'm a bit puzzled about the different microphones used on these helmets.

    My SPH-4 helmet has a light green mic, which I guess is a "non Vietnam" version? Or any chance these light grey microphones could have been used in Vietnam?

    I believe the (light) grey ones were "meant for" the Vietnam conflict? Or were they also used other places (guess so..)?

    I have attached a picture of a grey mic (helmet is SPH-4 from 1969) which has another shape (circular area in the middle) than the two others. Is this also a Vietnam version? Is it a later/newer version?

    A lot of (probably stupid) questions - if someone has time to enlighten me I would really appreciate this. Or maybe guide me to a link where all this is explained.

    Sorry for the bad pics.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Having used the previous model helmet back in the day, I can tell you that those boom mics were black. The USAF had grey ones if memory serves. They were carbon mics and were place almost on the lips to be used.

    I still have a USAicon flight helmet and 'bowling ball' helmet bag that 'fell into my lap' when I was riding around III Corps (Saigon, Vung Tau, Phan Rang, Nui Dat, etc.) in 1969 via US Army UH1s.

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    Vung Tau, Nui Dat......, there's some grim memories there Paul!

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    Here's my 2 cents worth. I was in aviation maintenance for 33 years (civilian) and have seen a lot of pilot's gear. One of the most popular (maybe the best?) maker of headphones, mics, and related avionics gear is David Clark Co. and their equipment usually was that pale green color. Is that mic marked "David Clark"??

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