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Thread: David Tubb .303 FF Kit...

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    David Tubb .303 FF Kit...

    Has anyone ever used this...

    FF Kit 303 Cal

    Among precision shooters these kits have a good reputation for speeding up barrel break-in and improving accuracy. I doubt this would be worth it on a well broke in milsurp rifle, but I have an all but brand new Mk2 that has about 20 rounds thru it total and hopefully in the next 6 months or so I'll take possession of a faux-(T) I've had Criterion re-barreled and stocked. I'm thinking about ordering a couple of thee kits... Has anyone ever tried them out?
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    By and Large, "Barrel Break-in" is code for accelerated wear and early replacement.

    5-10 rounds of ammunition and running a patch down the bore should be more than necessary.

    I would only use such a product on a new barrel if there were major fouling problems. I would never use this on a new commercial barrel.

    I have used a similar product on barrels with rust and pitting in an effort to save it as a shooter.

    How to Break-in a Barrel

    Barrel Break in Procedure- Gale McMillan | Snipers Hide Forum
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    Final Finish

    Yes, I have used both this system, and the "roll your own" kit prior to these pre-coated bullets were available in non-standard calibers (.303/.311 and 7.62R/.309-.311).

    Firstly, I would not use them in a NEW match grade barrel, as it would void your warranty. I know, "how would they know" but after years behind a borescope, you can see what is going on in a barrel, and I suspect that barrel makers would know by characteristic markings within a barrel.

    I have limited my use to old milsurps barrels that were "dark," pitted, or rusted, and match grade barrels (primarily AR15s) that have had lots of rounds (in rapid fire stages no less). I have found them to "smooth" out the barrels, speed cleaning (which I know when my barrels are clean thanks to my hawkeye borescope), and improve accuracy.

    There is a very real concern for "premature wear" and/or damaging the throat/leade if these kits are used carelessly. The throat condition can be assessed with the use of the Stoney Point (now Hornady) "lock and load" overall length gauge.


    I have a box of "index bullets" for each caliber that I use to keep my measurements "standardized." Example here: 175 grain Sierra MKHP for .303 and 7.62R.

    I would recommend that you "learn" how to use this system on one of your "old" rifles first. Follow the directions, use the overall-length gauge to document any change in the throat, and see how the "treatment" changes your accuracy and/or cleaning. A borescope is expensive, but given the cost of the rifles frequently discussed here, is in my mind, a great investment (as well as educational and a lot of fun!). Using mine, I have learned which solvents work, and which do not, helps me to use the minimal amount of effort to get a barrel clean, and answer questions about "where" the gas hole is cut (for semi-autos), etc...

    From my experience, if you go slow, follow the directions, and take good measurements you should avoid any problems, and more than likely, find FF another useful tool. YMMV...


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