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Thread: Martini Enfield breech block not closing completely, off center primer strikes

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    Martini Enfield breech block not closing completely, off center primer strikes

    Hello Gents, I have a Martini-Enfield Carbine, in .303, it's a hoot to shoot, one of my favorites, but I'm having some issues. The breech block does not want to close 100%, and it's causing the firing pin to strike the primer off center (low), and the brass is getting abused. After firing the rim on the cases is no longer square with the rest of case, it angled slightly to match the breech block, with obvious stretching on the bottom of the case.

    Now for the real question, how would I go about fixing this issue? There's wear on the loading lever where it contacts the breech block, and wear on the breach block, do i need to get the loading lever built up with weld and re-fitted? Or is there something I'm missing?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    hi a old bloke showed me how to fix this problem
    remove the dove tail block in the front of the breach block and fit a new dove tail block you will have to file fit and redrill the firing pin hole easier said then done take your time and it will work

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