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Thread: m1 garand not ejecting clip

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    m1 garand not ejecting clip

    I need some advice from the experts.

    I bought a new boyds stock for my M1icon and it looks amazing. Everything is working as it should except it won't eject the clip after the last round, i tried 6 or 8 enblocs today and all the same.

    When i first put the new stock on the trigger group was really hard to latch, I had to give it a real solid whack with the heel of my hand.

    Today i dug the old stock out of its bubble wrap and put the action in it, when i inserted an empty enbloc and cycled the op rod by hand the enbloc popped out as it should. I can't see any obvious differences in the stock as to where it could be binding? anyone have any ideas as what to look at or how to tell if the trigger group locking(lugs) ? could be binding and causing this issue because it was so tight to latch.

    All advice or ideas would be appreciated.

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    When the action was in the new stock, and it would not eject after the last round, did the clip latch work either? By inserting an enblock clip, try pushing the clip latch on the side of the receiver and see if that will let it pop out, if not something's binding. My 1955 HRA is very hard to get the trigger group to latch in, I have to do as you do and press really really hard with the heel of my hand to get it to latch but my en Bloc clips still pop out with ease
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    the problem follows the bad part. Compare the dimensions between where the receiver rests and the trigger group extension rests. A stock that is to large will deflect the part of the trigger housing distorting it.

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