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Thread: Portuguese 7.92 x 57 ammo matters.

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    Portuguese 7.92 x 57 ammo matters.

    I have just been given a bag of 7.92 x 57 ammo; about 150 rounds.

    It is a bit "grubby" but not corroded. By the marks on the cases, it has been stripped out of MG 34 / 42-type belts.

    Headstamp is FCPQ / 46, so Portuguese made.

    Almost every primer had been hard-struck but not fired, so, out with the trusty RCBS bullet puller.

    It is loaded with the heavy "sS" boat-tailed bullet and filled with 44gn of "square" flake propellant, similar to a lot of Germanicon ammo. This is not altogether surprising as the Germans apparently built this plant in Portugal, pre WW2.

    Projectiles have steel jackets with a gilding-metal coating.

    Now the tricky part: going through the bag, I turned up several rounds with what appears to be traces of red lacquer on the bullet tip.

    Tracer? Not a hard-core ammo collector, but I understood that black was the normal German tracer tip code, but, as Portugal has long ties with Briitain, did they use the Britishicon ammo codes?

    I have NOT pulled any of these "odd" ones, yet.
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