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Thread: Hornady AP Press

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    Hornady AP Press

    Kids are more interested in shooting now, and I found myself wasting away an entire afternoon over Thanksgiving weekend to feed them with my single stage. I never minded the effort, it's just I can't keep up. Good problem to have!

    I've had my eye on upgrading for a few years now, so I started looking for deals. I think I set an amount saved record! First off, over the holiday my local Cabela's increased their veteran's discount 10% for the reloading section of the store. On top of that, they price matched MidwayUSA, which was running ~$100 cheaper. Next, I decided to get the major components separate instead of the ammo-plant kit so I could double-dip the Hornady rebate. I got the AP press kit, -$100 price matched - 10% discount + 500 .308 SP bullets (normally $39 a box). Then I got the case feeder kit and its plates, price match was ~$150 off, -10%, +another 500 bullets. The trick was Midway lowered their price for the holiday, but it wasn't listed as a "sale" price on their site. Amazon had the same price, but was listed as a sale and so they wouldn't match it.

    My wife says the bullets don't count as a discount. So I asked if the fuel points at the grocery store count in her savings book, and she says yes because gas is a consumable you will use anyway, and you already paid for it in the cost of groceries. I did a quick estimate of how many 308 bullets I went through last year (I won't admit exactly how many, but let's just agree it was > 1000). With the price of bullets (consumables), I made out at almost 50% total saved. This was more than enough saved to justify adding on a Dillon case trimmer. I didn't get the auto bullet feeder and won't be as they are entirely different for rilfle vs. pistol. If I did, I could have tripled (or quadrupled if I got both rifle and pistol setups) the bullet rebate.

    I'll be making some small upgrades to suit my own unique style, process, and objectives once the kids open up their Christmas gift (a 3D printer). For example, I still like hand-weighing each charge for my match loads on my rcbs charge master. Will be nice to design and 3d print a funnel die and a bullet drop die. I did get the lee bullet drop die kit. When I tried it with 230gr 45ACP, it missed the first 3 cases, adjusted, then it worked for a dozen or so, then all of a sudden it released an entire tube of 20+ bullets all over the floor! need to play with it some more. Nonetheless, even with the setup time I quintupled my output of 45ACP plinkers. I'll share some pics and my setup/process once I get a bit more experience with it.

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    It should serve you fine. Once you get used to it you should be able to run at speed. I was going to recommend a Dillon but I see you already bought, so let us know how all goes once it's broken in.
    Regards, Jim

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