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  1. 1955 (5.4 mil) Springfield Armory M1 Garand

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      Here's an overview of a 5.4 Mil SA M1 Garand, as delivered from CMP and with a new DGR stock. The original stock was pretty beat but is being restored. All parts except the trigger group are period correct.
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      The Receiver Aft right view with the DGR stock Aft left view with the new DGR stock Fore left view with the DGR stock Fore right view with the new DGR stock Trigger group is milled - the only non-correct part, but I wanted it that way. Before and after the new stock DOD Cartouche on original stock Yes, I'm a lefty.  And yes, she gets shot. Home on the range, wearing its nice repro m1907 sling. Still in Cosmoline:  Receiver group Still in Cosmoline: Breech Sill in Cosmoline: Barrel The Silver Tuna:  A Garand clip chromed in the early 1960s at the Columbia Bicycle shop in New York for use in national competition.
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      Member: Bob Womack
      Created: 06-02-2009 04:10 PM
      Last Modified: 03-06-2016 09:30 AM
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      Bob Womack Thanks for your kindness. I suppose the best answer for that step can be found in the authentic SA arsenal practices used in building national match rifles. You can see an example in this thread:
      10 ring Looks good but who does Dean at DGR think he is cutting that rear step into his stocks?? He claims its to increase accuracy, and boasts about all the machinery he bought just to make that cut whatever, but If John Garand wanted that cut in the M1 Garand stock I think he would put one there, besides, in my opinion Deans quality is very poor as of late and his prices don't warrant what he sends you. I would go with James River Armory in the future. 12-10-2011
      robbie awesome, what a great looking gat, id be proud to own a rifle like that, only down under its not a right to own firearms, just a privilege and auto's are out. hope you have heaps of fun with her, i bet she sings at the range. 06-13-2010
      m14expert She is a great looking rifle. Shoot her well and often and enjoy... 02-27-2010
      Bob Womack Thanks kindly! 06-04-2009
      Badger Beautiful old girl Bob. She looks great wearing that new DGR stock. Thanks for posting pics. 06-03-2009
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