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      I was a University Student at the Natal University when Zulu Dawn was filmed. I worked in that movie as an extra during our summer holidays.
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      Natal Native Contingent Natal Field Artillery Taken at a site that was close to Ishandlwana representing the camp Natal Carbineers with the Sikali Horse following Here we were in a column 100 yards from Rorke's Drift Mission Filmed close to Rorke's Drift. I was 18 and am third from left This is the camp site at Babanango where we all stayed On the road down to the Tugela River - filming lights in the distance In the uniform of the 24th - I'm second from left
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      Created: 06-22-2009 09:57 PM
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      teal ONE of my favourite movies, thank you for posting the pictures,very interesting. 01-16-2012
      Dusty_Garand That was a great movie to watch! I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing your pics. 01-17-2011
      robbie wow, bet you had heaps of fun, couldnt think of anything better than dressing up old school and marching in a column! thanks for the pics 06-13-2010
      Amatikulu The rifle was actually made from wire and painted styrofoam (polystyrene) and my particular rifle used to hang on the wall of the Babanango Hotel Pub. I traded it for a beer one night Our camp was just outside Babanango 04-23-2010
      Halfcell Wow<> I remember the movie. You must of had a great time working and being a part of such a movie. Thank you for sharing the pics.

      rhodders I hope they allowed you to keep the rifle . 12-14-2009
      Badger Thanks Neil .... Great pics.... I loved the original movie Zulu... 07-26-2009
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